Can Christians Ever Be a Governing Class?

by Chalcedon on May 18, 2016

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“Remember, there will always be a governing class. Our present schools, colleges, universities, churches, and foundations are essentially geared to producing a humanistic leadership. Fight this order all you will, but as long is it shapes the minds of the leaders and the followers, it will continue to prevail. Document its evils and chronicle its corruptions all you want, and you will not change it unless at the same time you work to establish a new people, and a new leadership.” (R. J. Rushdoony, Roots of Reconstruction, p. 663)

Because a governing class is an inescapable concept, Christians must be intentional about training godly leadership that understand that the faith must be applied to every area of life. This is why, for example, the family and Christian education are so vital.

The state can only prepare leaders for humanism, and the state will not train up a governing class that doesn’t serve the interests of collectivism and bureaucracy. Therefore, there must be a new governing class of Christian leaders prepared to advance the Kingdom of God in every sphere.

Take a few moments right now as Mark Rushdoony answers the question, “Can Christian Ever Be a Governing Class?”


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