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Spiritual Capital & Christian Reconstruction
by Chalcedon on Sep 19, 2016

Easy Chair Podcast on Forgiveness with Mark Rushdoony
by Chalcedon on Sep 18, 2016

Mark Rushdoony on “Who Receives the Tithe?”
by Chalcedon on Sep 14, 2016

Andrea Schwartz on What is Christian Reconstruction?
by Chalcedon on Sep 08, 2016

Mark Rushdoony on "What is Theonomy?"
by Chalcedon on Jul 21, 2016

What is Christian Libertarianism?

by Chalcedon on July 7, 2016

R. J. Rushdoony once described himself as a “Christian Libertarian?” Is that a misnomer? Or was he trying to hide his real belief: that Christians should “take over” the civil government and  impose Biblical law? Take…

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Mark Rushdoony on Wealth, Tithing & Debt

by Chalcedon on June 16, 2016

Take a few minutes right now to listen to Chalcedon president, Mark Rushdoony, discuss the important points regarding wealth, tithing, and debt. It’s a misconstruing of any one of these important subjects that represent the most significant hin…

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Inflation as Larceny in the Heart

by Chalcedon on May 31, 2016

Larceny is an antiquated term for theft, and that's exactly what's transpiring under the central banking of the U.S. monetary system. It's so bad that we as citizens would be arrested for counterfeiting, if we did what the Federal governm…

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Can Christians Ever Be a Governing Class?

by Chalcedon on May 18, 2016

“Remember, there will always be a governing class. Our present schools, colleges, universities, churches, and foundations are essentially geared to producing a humanistic leadership. Fight this order all you will, but as long is it shapes the m…

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Conversation between Jeff Durbin and Mark Rushdoony

by Chalcedon on May 12, 2016


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