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Spiritual Capital & Christian Reconstruction
by Chalcedon on Sep 19, 2016

Easy Chair Podcast on Forgiveness with Mark Rushdoony
by Chalcedon on Sep 18, 2016

Mark Rushdoony on “Who Receives the Tithe?”
by Chalcedon on Sep 14, 2016

Andrea Schwartz on What is Christian Reconstruction?
by Chalcedon on Sep 08, 2016

Mark Rushdoony on "What is Theonomy?"
by Chalcedon on Jul 21, 2016

Socialism as a Perpetual Civil War

by Chalcedon on December 22, 2009

By R. J. Rushdoony Socialism and communism presuppose that their system represents the true order of the ages and is the answer to man’s problems. This assumption is one that assumes man’s problems to be not spiritual but material, not s…

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Usury and Cosmic Personalism

by Chalcedon on December 15, 2009

By R. J. Rushdoony The modern system of commercial credit has been traced back to Babylon, the great source of modern financial enterprise. As against this system and history, another concept early made its appearance in man's records, the biblical l…

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Theonomy vs. Tyranny

by Chalcedon on December 1, 2009

&rsq Man’s choice is between theonomy and autonomy, God uo;s law versus self-law. Man, being a sinner, a fallen creature, can only create laws and societies which, in their developed form, simply amplify man’s sin. The result is t…

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