Christianity and the State

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From the President
Rousas John Rushdoony: A Brief History, Part VI, “The Lord Will Perfect That Which Concerneth Me”

As both postmillennial and a Christian Reconstructionist, my father had no lack of big ideas and hopes. It is safe to say he saw his ministry in the context of an expansive Kingdom of God that would give significance to his work beyond his own field of view. His hopes never trumped his theological perspective, however, so he never fell into the trap of trying to force big things by a big spending program.
by Mark R. Rushdoony

From the Founder
Freedom and the State

Not only is morality transferred from God and His law to the state and its fiat law, but freedom also. Whether it be a Marxist state or a democratic one, freedom is today usually spoken of as an attribute of the state rather than of the people as individuals. Such freedom as is permitted to men is freedom under the state, not under God.
by Rev. R.J. Rushdoony

Feature Article
Introduction to Christianity and the State

Christianity and the State is a book of great importance, in particular for its delving into the historical roots of many facets of the relationship between church and state, between Christianity and the state. More importantly, Rushdoony broadens the scope of his study to examine the inescapable (though many would ignore it) confrontation between an ungodly human commonwealth and the social, cultural, and political implications of the Christian faith.
by Jean-Marc Berthoud

Feature Article
A New Version of Making America Great (Again)

In November of 2015, a National Park policeman approached the tour group I was leading on the grassy knoll of Bunker Hill in Boston. He demanded I stop teaching about the battle that had been fought there in 1775, and drew his ticket book (not his revolver) and threatened to write me up for “illegal guiding,” a crime unknown in statutory law and a term new to Landmark Events, our history tour company.
by Bill Potter

Feature Article
The Subversive Sounds of Silence

In discussions about sexual abuse, incest, and rape, there is a tendency to assume that those offering preventative solutions are blaming the victim for what happened rather than placing the responsibility on the offender. This can be hurtful to individuals who continue to experience the trauma and betrayal of the original incident. Too often, uninformed, although sometimes well meaning, people state or imply that, “They should just get over it.” Why can’t they? Because the missing component is justice. While it is true that we cannot change the past, as a culture, we can reestablish the Biblical means by which such situations are resolved, and Biblical sanctions are applied.
by Andrea Schwartz

Special Column
Sowing Bad Seed

Consider our Lord’s parable of the wheat and the tares, in Matthew 13. The servants asked the master, “Did you not sow good seed in this field? Why then hath it tares?” And the master said, “Some enemy hath done this.”
by Lee Duigon

Special Column
When Happily Ever After Isn’t

They did not care who saw them. Or maybe they did not know anyone else existed in the world. They stood a little too close, facing eye to eye, fingers intertwining. Such into-you-ness can only speak of one thing: love. Eros, of course, not phileo or agape (not yet anyway). But eros isn’t bad. I am sure our First Parents felt the surge of pure, undefiled Eros wash over them the moment they met. “Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh,” Adam said. Then sin entered, rebellion against the Holy Father ensued, and well, we all know the rest of the story.
by Susan Burns

Rev. Mark R. Rushdoony is president of Chalcedon and Ross House Books. He is also editor-in-chief of Faith for All of Life  and Chalcedon’s other publications.

Rev. R.J. Rushdoony  (1916-2001) was the founder of Chalcedon and a leading theologian, church/state expert, and author of numerous works on the application of Biblical Law to society.

Jean-Marc Berthoud was born in 1939 in South Africa from Swiss missionary parents and lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. He holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts with Honors degrees from the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is the editor of the review Résister et Construire, president of the Association Vaudoise de Parents chrétiens in Switzerland, and of the Association Création, Bible et Science, and is the author of numerous books.

Bill Potter -

Mr. Potter is an independent scholar and historian who teaches, writes, and lectures from a Biblical/Providential perspective. He is a popular conference and university speaker and the leading historian for Landmark Events, a company specializing in teaching on the ground where great history-changing events occurred. Landmark emphasizes teaching the new generations to recognize the hand of God in our nation’s past and in all of history and to interpret it based on the truths of God’s Word.

Bill has been married to his wife Leslie for 40 years during which time they have home-educated their eight children.

Andrea Schwartz has been active as a home educator since 1983. She successfully educated her three children through high school. She has written five books Lessons Learned from Years of Homeschooling, The Homeschool Life, The Biblical Trustee Family, Woman of the House, &  A House for God. She also has written two children's books for families to read together: Teach Me While My Heart is Tender: Real-Aloud Stories of Repentance and Forgiveness and Family Matters: Read-Aloud Stories of Responsibility and Self-Discipline. Her website is a useful site for homeschooling families, and she is a regular contributor to the Chalcedon publication, Faith for All of Life. Andrea runs the Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute, a mentoring/study program designed to help homeschooling mothers become the best teachers for their children. She is a sought after public speaking and writing instructor, as well as a guest speaker for Christian schools, homeschooling support groups, and introductory seminars on homeschooling. She resides in San Jose, CA with her husband of 40 years. She can be contacted @

Lee Duigon is a Christian free-lance writer and contributing editor for Faith for All of Life. He has been a newspaper editor and reporter and is the author of the Bell Mountain Series of novels.

Susan Burns is Chalcedon’s executive assistant and managing editor of the Chalcedon Report and Chalcedon’s other publications.

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