A Review of Alexander Hamilton: How the Mighty Are Redeemed

A Review of Alexander Hamilton: How the Mighty Are Redeemed

By Byron Snapp – bio

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Born into a disadvantaged status, Alexander Hamilton was raised up by the hand of God to a position of productivity and prominence in colonial America.

He was born in l757 on an obscure West Indies island. He was orphaned in childhood. In God’s providence he began working for a merchant who had business connections in New York. Noting the youth’s ambition, skills, and work ethic, arrangements were made for a Presbyterian minister to tutor the young man.

Subsequently, Hamilton arrived in New York and enrolled at King’s College. Political debate swirled around him as colonists wrestled with issues of taxation and separation from their mother country. Hamilton soon entered the verbal battle with excellent essays in defense of the colonies. He was only seventeen. In less than three years he marched on the battlefield and served in various wartime capacities.

Honored in a Congressional report for his able leadership, the young man served at the Constitutional Convention and later as the nation’s first treasurer as part of Washington’s administration.

Yet, this life, marked by superb success, was marred by great grief. Part of it was self-inflicted due to his personal sinfulness. Further grief resulted from a mortal wound suffered by his teenage son in a duel. His death was a prelude to Hamilton’s own death in a duel with Aaron Burr.

The author has provided the reader with an excellent biographical essay of this colonial leader. In the midst of political and military struggles, Alexander Hamilton did not overlook the struggle to apply Christianity in his daily life.

This essay includes numerous quotes from Hamilton’s writings. Appendices include a chronology of his life, Hamilton’s proposal for the Christian Constitutional Society, and eyewitness accounts of Hamilton’s final moments on earth. Pictures provide a view of people and locales discussed in the text.

This work concisely relates Hamilton’s rise, religion, and leadership skills and their impact on the days leading up to America’s War for Independence and the formative years that followed.

Byron Snapp is Associate Pastor of Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church in Hampton, Va. He is a graduate of King College (B.A.) and Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div.). He and his wife, Janey, have three children. He can be contacted at byron@calvary.hrcoxmail.com.

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