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How do I use the new Chalcedon Store?

Video Tour of the New Chalcedon Store:


We've been working on updating things in the Chalcedon Store to make things easier and to give our customers the eBooks they've requested. Below you will notice a few changes to our site. You can view the below slideshow and read about our changes.

If you need further assistance please email us at

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How do I place an order?

Login to the website; you can then add any title to your shopping cart and process your order via our site. You can also call us at (209) 736-4365 ext 12 to place an order by phone or send in your order to Chalcedon, PO Box 158, Vallecito, CA 95251, USA.

If you need to update your address information you will have the opportunity during the ordering process.

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Can I send my order in with a check?

Yes. You can download our Catalog for a list of our books. Be sure to pay attention to the discounts available on the site which will be honored via mail order.

Shipping & Handling Prices are as follows:


Price Range Shipping Cost
under $5 $3.00
$5.01 - $15.00 $4.50
$15.01-$40.00 $6.00
Over $40.00 15% of order

For international orders please email book order to for a shipping & handling total.

California residents please add 7.5% sales tax.

You will be sending your order to:
PO Box 158
Vallecito, CA 95251

Please make check payable to Chalcedon.

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How do I download the MP3s I purchased?

After you have purchased your MP3's you should see a link on your closing receipt. You will also be sent a receipt with a link to your downloads.

Or you can click on Store at the top to get back into our site.

From there you will be able to access your Account and Download Dashboard in several ways.



You will see a link once inside your Download Section. Please right click on the link and choose Save As.



For MP3 Albums you will need to click on the EXPAND link to view the contents of the ablum.


If you do not see your MP3s in your Download Section or are having trouble downloading your MP3s, please email us at

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What format are your ebooks in?

After puchasing your ebook, you will find the downloadable file in your Download Dashboard.

Enclosed in the downloadable zip file you will find 3 formats of your ebook (PDF, MOBI, EPUB).

  • PDF File: Your pdf file can be uploaded to your Kindle, Nook, or iPad by connecting your device to your computer. You can also email your pdf file to yourself and download it from your email on your device.
  • MOBI File: A mobi file will only work on a Kindle or with the Kindle app.
  • Epub File: An epub file will work on an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Nook, and many other devices.

Also in your zip file you will find a Ebook Instruction Text file to help you with your download. If you have any further questions feel free to email us at

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How do I know if I'm purchasing a ebook or a physical book?

There are multiple ways.

As you can see in the above image Sovereignty shows that we have the format as hardbound. This book indicates we do not have a digital or ebook version as of yet.


Now Van Til states that it has an ebook and paperback version. You would then choose the add to cart button under the corresponding version.


As you can see when the items are in the cart they also state they are from the category hardbound and ebook. This category description will be on your receipt as well.

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How long will it take to receive my order?

We try to get all orders out within 3 days of it being received. Below is a list of estimated times for different shipping methods.

United States Postal Service (Domestic)
Express Mail 2 days
First Class Mail Pacel approx. 5-7 days
Media Mail approx. 5-10 business days
Priority Mail approx. 3-5 days
United States Postal Service (International)
First Class International approx. 10-20 business days
Priority Mail International approx. 10 business days
Air M-Bag approx. up to 2 months*
United Parcel Service (UPS)
Ground approx. 5-10 business days
3rd Day Select 3 business days
2nd Day Air 2 business days
Next Day Air 1 business day

We do not use FedEx.

The UPS Services we provide are not available for delivery on a weekend. You should get tracking information about your package from UPS (if and email address is provided).

All United Postal Service day estimations are not perfectly accurate. You should get tracking information via email (if and email address is provided).

If you do not get your package by the end of the alotted time please email us at and we will investigate.

*Air M-Bag costs as much as Priority International and sometimes more.

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Do you ship international orders sea freight rather than air mail?

Unfortunately, we do not have this option as the United States Postal Service has removed sea freight options for international shipping. They have chosen to make all their shipping options air mail.

Because we use the United States Postal Service and UPS we have very few options when it comes to shipping internationally.

The only options we are given are as follows:

  • First Class International: weight limit of 13oz. per package and often means multiple packages going costing more in the long run.
  • Priority International: we use our own packaging to ship and it can cost more than flat rate packages that are provided by the US Postal Service.
  • Priority International Flat Rate Boxes: there are different size boxes the USPS provides. We try to get all international orders to fit into these boxes as it is often the least expensive choice.
  • Air M-Bag: this option used to be a sea freight option but is now air and costs as much or more than the priority options but takes longer to ship.
  • UPS: reliable option but often twice as much as the United States Postal Service which is why we do not offer it as an option.

We realize places like Amazon are offering smaller shipping costs. This is often due to arrangements with the US Postal Service and because as a very large world-wide company they have the ability to have mass shipping discounts where smaller companies do not.

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What is your return policy?

We do accept returns:

  • Please inform us of your return via or send a fax to 209-736-0536.
  • We accept returns within 30 days. Items eligible for returns must be new, unused, and contain all original product packaging and accessories (i.e. no stickers or price tags of any kind).
  • Items arriving damaged will result in a charge of the product’s cost.
  • A credit will be issued once the returned item(s) have been received.
  • Returns will be refunded in the same manner as the payment made.
  • Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
  • Items should be shipped to:
US Mail UPS/FedEx

PO Box 158
Vallecito, CA 95251

3900 Highway 4
Vallecito, CA 95251

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Damaged, Defective, Wrong and Missing Items from Orders

Please read the below sections if you have any of the following issues with your order.

Damaged or Defective Item(s):

Did your item(s) arrive damaged or defective?

Please contact us so that we can send you a replacement item. Please return the damaged or defective item(s) with the packing slip and an explanation for the return. Defective item(s) not returned will result in a charge of their price.


Wrong Item(s):

Did you receive the wrong item(s)?

Please contact us to let us know of the mistake. We will send the item(s), you purchased, right away. Please send back incorrect item(s). Incorrect item(s) not returned will result in a charge of their price.


Missing Item(s):

Is there an item(s) missing from your order?

Please check your packing slip to make sure the item(s) is not on backorder. Otherwise, please contact us immediately and we will ship out your missing item(s) right away.

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