Lessons Learned From Years of Homeschooling

Lessons Learned From Years of Homeschooling

by Andrea Schwartz



Don't learn it all the hard way. Discover the powerful principles for effective homeschooling from someone who knows.


After nearly a quarter century of homeschooling her children, Andrea Schwartz has experienced both the accomplishments and challenges that come with being a homeschooling mom. And, she's passionate about helping you learn her most valuable lessons. Discover the potential rewards of making the world your classroom and God's Word the foundation of everything you teach. Now you can benefit directly from Andrea's years of experience and obtain helpful insights to make your homeschooling adventure God-honoring, effective, and fun. Here's some of what you'll learn:

  • The Privilege of Learning
  • Walking the Talk
  • Parent-Directed Education
  • Taking the Plunge
  • How to Arm Your Children
  • What to Do with
  • Daughters
  • The Advantages of Homeschooling
  • Setting the Standard
  • And Much More!

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Andrea Schwartz is an active proponent of Christian education. She successfully homeschooled and graduated two of her three children through high school. She has taught in co-op settings, privately tutored and coached students in writing, public speaking, and drama, and has organized and run homeschool choirs and other extracurricular activities. She has written and directed a number of plays including a collaborative musical work, Walkin' Wise. She has had numerous articles appear in magazines and on national websites. She currently serves on the board of directors of a Christian junior and senior high school, offering her years of experience in applying the Word of God to all areas of learning, and reaching out to homeschooling families with extra activities and programs. Andrea lives in San Jose, CA with her husband of 30+ years and continues to homeschool her youngest daughter.


Christian Education, Taking Dominion
Andrea Schwartz
116 pages
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