Teach Me While My Heart Is Tender

Teach Me While My Heart Is Tender

by Andrea Schwartz



Read Aloud Stories for parents and children to read together. Engaging stories communicate Biblical Truth. A great addition to your home library.

Many people consider young children unable to handle difficult Biblical doctrines. Our Savior had so much confidence that children were able to receive his teachings that He presented children as examples that adults should follow as they entered the Kingdom. Not only are tenderhearted children ready to receive the Word, they have a receptivity to it that should not be ignored by their parents and teachers.

Andrea Schwartz has compiled three stories drawn from her family-life experiences to help parents teach children how the faith applies to every area of life. They confront the ugly reality of sin, the beauty of godly repentance, and the necessity of forgiveness. The stories are meant to be read by parents and children together. The interactions and discussions that will follow serve to draw families closer together.

This little volume is a much needed antidote to the pietistic, sentimental attitudes of our day.

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Christian Education, Culture & Media, Fiction, Culture-Family & Marriage
Andrea Schwartz
61 pages
Created by Synergema