Book Club

A Different Book Every Month


June Book

JUNE 5TH -- 6:00pm PDT, 8:00pm CDT, 9:00 pm EDT (online discussion)


Join moderator Andrea Schwartz* as the book club discusses Rushdoony's The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum, emphasizing the importance of education in every subject taught with God's Word as the foundation.


*Andrea Schwartz is Chalcedon's Christian education advocate. She has been actively involved in Christian homeschooling for over 3 decades, and successfully educated her three children through high school. 

Upcoming Books and Dates

July 3rd -- Sovereignty  (Martin Selbrede, moderator)

August 7th -- The American Indian (Mark Rushdoony, moderator)

September 11th -- Revolt Against Maturity  (Don Wilk, moderator)

October 9th -- Tithing and Dominion (Chris Zimmerman, moderator)

November -- (tba)

December -- (tba)