Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been divided into sections to provide you with questions most frequently asked, according to individual categories. Should you not find what you are looking for, send us an email.

Do you sell eBooks?

Yes. We are constantly working to get all of our titles in ebook formats. All available titles can be found in the Chalcedon Store. We add to our ebooks constantly so check back for added content.

After purchasing you can find all downloadable files by going to your account and clicking on the download section. Enclosed in the zip file you will find 4 formats of your ebook (PDF, MOBI, EPUB, AZW3). You will need to unzip this file to use any of them.

  • PDF File: Your pdf file can be uploaded to your Kindle, Nook, or iPad by connecting your device to your computer. You can also email your pdf file to yourself and download it from your email on your device.
  • MOBI File: A mobi file will only work on a Kindle or with the Kindle app.
  • Epub File: An epub file will work on an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Nook, and many other devices.
  • Azw3 File: An Amazon file which also works with your Kindle or Kindle app.

Also in your zip file you will find an Ebook Instruction Text file to help you with your download. If you have any further questions feel free to email us at [email protected].

You can also purchase the all our available ebooks at Amazon (for Kindles or the Kindle App), Barnes & Noble (Nooks and the Nook App), and Google Play (Android devices or Google Books app).

Why does it take so long to publish an eBook?

The delay in our ebooks is due mostly to the footnotes in each book. These do not convert easily into ebook formatting so each book has to be re-typeset, moving all footnotes to the end of each book and structuring the books for the Kindle customization in the process. Since we are a small company, this creates a lot of work for very few people. We are continually adding more books to our Kindle library. You can view all the current ebooks in our Store or find them on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google Play.

We also announce all Kindle releases on our in our eNewsletter and Facebook Page.

Can I use PayPal to make a purchase or donation?

Yes, you are able to use PayPal to purchase items and make one-time donations.

If you wish to set up a recurring donation via PayPal there is a link under the header on the Give page which will take you through the PayPal recurring donation process.

Can I send my order in with a check?

Yes. You can download our Catalog for a list of our books. Be sure to pay attention to the discounts available on the site which will be honored via mail order.

The best way to calculate your order is to put the items you wish to purchase into your cart and let the site tell you the discounted prices (if any apply) and the shipping. This will be the amount you'll need to send.

For international orders please email book order to [email protected] for a shipping & handling total.

If you are in one of the following states please add the below percentage tax:

  • California residents add 7.25% on items.
  • North Carolina residents add 7.5% on items and shipping.
  • Nebraska residents add 5.5% on items and shipping.
  • New Jersey residents add 6.625% on items and shipping.
  • Pennsylvania residents add 6% on items and shipping.
  • Tennessee residents add 9.75% on items and shipping.
  • Texas residents add 8.25% on items and shipping.
  • Virginia residents add 6.3% on items.
  • Washington residents add 10% on items and shipping.

You will be sending your order to: Chalcedon PO Box 158 Vallecito, CA 95251 USA

Please make check payable to Chalcedon.

How do I download the MP3s/ebooks I ordered?

After purchase, please go to your Account page. You will see a Downloads section under your Purchases.

If the purchases you are seeking were made on the old Chalcedon site you will want to go to Chalcedon Archive Site and login using your old email and password. In your account you will find your old downloads which we hope to move into the new site in the future.

How do I know if I'm purchasing digital or physical products?

In the Store, each items has a label which tells what type of product your are purchasing.

Most of our items are going to be physical items. Products labeled MP3 Album, MP3 Track and Ebook will all be digital downloads. Your cart will also tell you the type of product you have in your cart.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We try to get all orders out within 3 business days of it being received. Below is a list of estimated times for different shipping methods.

United States Postal Service (Domestic)

Express Mail 2 days
First Class Mail Parcel approx. 5-7 days
Media Mail approx. 5-10 business days
Priority Mail approx. 3-5 days

United States Postal Service (International)

First Class International approx. 10-20 business days
Priority Mail International approx. 10 business days
Air M-Bag approx. 2 months

United Parcel Service [UPS] (Domestic)

Ground approx. 5-10 business days
3rd Day Select 3 business days
2nd Day Air 2 business days
Next Day Air 1 business day

We do not use FedEx.

The UPS Services we provide are not available for delivery on a weekend. You should get tracking information about your package from UPS (if and email address is provided).

All United Postal Service day estimations are not perfectly accurate. You should get tracking information via email (if and email address is provided).

If you do not get your package by the end of the allotted time please email us at [email protected] and we will investigate.

*Air M-Bag costs as much as Priority International and sometimes more.

Do you ship international orders sea freight rather than air mail?

Unfortunately, we do not have this option as the United States Postal Service has removed sea freight options for international shipping. They have chosen to make all their shipping options air mail.

Because we use the United States Postal Service and UPS we have very few options when it comes to shipping internationally.

The only options we are given are as follows:

  • First Class International: weight limit of 13oz. per package and often means multiple packages going costing more in the long run.
  • Priority International: we use our own packaging to ship and it can cost more than flat rate packages that are provided by the US Postal Service.
  • Priority International Flat Rate Boxes: there are different size boxes the USPS provides. We try to get all international orders to fit into these boxes as it is often the least expensive choice.
  • Air M-Bag: this option used to be a sea freight option but is now air and costs as much or more than the priority options but takes longer to ship.
  • UPS: reliable option but often twice as much as the United States Postal Service which is why we do not offer it as an option, typically.

We realize places like Amazon are offering smaller shipping costs. This is often due to arrangements with the US Postal Service and because as a very large world-wide company they have the ability to have mass shipping discounts where smaller companies do not.

What is your return policy?

We do accept returns. Please check out our Return Policy.

Damaged, Defective, Wrong and Missing Items from Orders

Please read the below sections if you have any of the following issues with your order.

Damaged or Defective Item(s):

Did your item(s) arrive damaged or defective?

Please contact us so that we can send you a replacement item. Please return the damaged or defective item(s) with the packing slip and an explanation for the return. Defective item(s) not returned will result in a charge of their price.

Wrong Item(s):

Did you receive the wrong item(s)?

Please contact us to let us know of the mistake. We will send the item(s), you purchased, right away. Please send back incorrect item(s). Incorrect item(s) not returned will result in a charge of their price.

Missing Item(s):

Is there an item(s) missing from your order?

Please check your packing slip to make sure the item(s) is not on backorder. Otherwise, please contact us immediately and we will ship out your missing item(s) right away.

Do I have to connect to iTunes to put your MP3s on my iPhone?

The answer is no. What we've discovered is Apple makes it difficult to do anything without connecting your phone to iTunes. However, if you have a cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive) you can download them into your phone using an app called MusiCloud.

MusiCloud will allow you to connect directly to your cloud and download them into your iPhone. You do have to listen using their app but in this app you can add them to playlists and organize all your tracks. MusiCloud is a free app though it has ads. You can opted to upgrade the app for $2.99 which eliminates the ads.

If you are looking to get your downloaded MP3s into your Apple Music App the best way to do this is through your computer using iTunes. There may be other options like cloud apps but we've not tried them.

This has only been tried on Apple devices.

Do you offer bookstores, libraries, and schools a wholesale discount?

We do offer bookstores, libraries, school, churches and ministries our wholesale discount. You can read more about our wholesale offers here.

Why do I not see the discounted prices advertise when I go to your site?

Because we have leveled givers who also receive discounts on our products (see Becoming An Underwriter), our prices are based on you being logged into the site. Please login or register to see the discounts and sale prices.

How do I update my address or contact information with Chalcedon?

We appreciate all contact information updates. You can send us your new address information via our Contact page. Please choose the "Change Address" information via the form.

I'm having trouble logging into the website.

Have you logged in before? If not go to register and set up an account.

If you have an account and you've forgotten your password or something has gone wrong with your password try the forgot my password option.

If you continue to have a problem please contact us via the Contact page and choose the Account Support option.

Are Donations or Underwriter Pledges to Chalcedon tax deductible?

Yes, all donations and Underwriter Pledges to Chalcedon are tax deductible. You should receive a receipt of donation from our offices after your donation is placed. We also send end of the year reports for tax purposes.

If you did not receive a receipt please feel free to contact our office.

Phone: 209-736-4365

Email: [email protected]

How do I place a donation on the Chalcedon site?

To make a donation you must have an account. Register or log on to the website and click on GIVE. You will be able to choose from making a single donation, creating an Underwriter Pledge, or designating a donation for a specific purpose. All donations are tax deductible.

Can I donate an extra amount without changing my Underwriter Pledge?

Yes, you can go to our GIVE page and choose the single donation option or choose the cause you wish to donate to. These donations will not effect your Underwriter Pledge negatively. Any donations placed by an existing Underwriter are added to their pledge as an extra amount.

How do I set up a recurring donation for more than one of the allotted Underwriter amounts?

You can now go to our GIVE page and choose the monthly payment you wish to give. The amount you put in will show you the Underwriter levels you qualify for and you can choose the level of Underwriting you wish to pledge.

How do I contact Chalcedon?

At the bottom and top right of every page of the website, you will see Contact, where you can find our address, phone and fax numbers, and a contact form for you to fill out explaining your specific request.

On mobile devices it is under the mobile menu.

You can also find our directory of staff to help you on our About Page.

What is your phone number?

(209) 736-4365

  • Circulation: Ext 10
  • Donations: Ext 10
  • Orders: Ext 12
  • Shipping: Ext 11

What is your fax number?

(209) 736-0536

What are your hours of operation?

Office Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM PST (excluding Bank and Postal Holidays*)

*In addition we will be closed Good Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

What are your contact emails?

Circulation & Donations: [email protected]

Orders: [email protected]

Networking & General Questions: [email protected]

Site Support: [email protected]

How do I update my recurring donation card and amount?

You can now find your recurring monthly donation information in your Account under the Giving section. There it lists your current donation and below it you will find a small link "to change or cancel this donation please click here". This gives you the link to update and edit your charge information.

If you click on the "click here" button you should see a summary of your monthly donation. This will also give you the date when your card will process.

Note: "Period End" is actually the Next Process Date.

To update your card please press the Update Card Details button and you can enter a new card number.

To change your donation amount you can cancel the current donation and set up and new recurring donation via the Monthly Recurring section in the Give section or you can email your name, email address and the new amount to [email protected].

You can also go to Give > Monthly Recurring you should see an "Edit Donation" button which takes you the same place as "click here" in your account. This is there just to let you know, if you are already giving monthly, not to create another monthly donation (unless you really want to).

Can I change the email address I login with?

The login email isn't something users can change on their own. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with your change of email and the old email address and we can change it for you.

How can I download the free Underwriter MP3s by album rather than individually?

Silver and Gold Underwriters have the ability to download all MP3s for free. The best way to do this is by going to the Store were you can see all the albums and the MP3s they contain (you can always find the albums in the Resource section). Our site doesn't give the ability to download the albums only the individual mp3s. To remedy this you can add any and all albums to your cart in the store and use the coupon code ThankYouFreeMP3 to get all albums for free which after "purchase" can be download from your Account's Download Section.

How can I download the free Underwriter MP3s by album rather than individually?

Silver and Gold Underwriters have the ability to download all MP3s for free. The best way to do this is by going to the Store were you can see all the albums and the MP3s they contain (you can always find the albums in the Resource section). Our site doesn't give the ability to download the albums only the individual mp3s. To remedy this you can add any and all albums to your cart in the store and use the coupon code ThankYouFreeMP3 to get all albums for free which after "purchase" can be download from your Account's Download Section.

Need Further Assistance?

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