Kishore Film: Hero in America

Important Update on the Kishore Film Project

The exciting film collaboration between the Chalcedon Foundation and Great Commission Films is nearing completion and it has the potential to be one of our most significant and far-reaching projects. 

This documentary film, Hero in America: Dr. Kishore and the Epidemic of Greed, chronicles the rise and tragic fall of a brilliant doctor’s innovative addiction treatment method that helped a quarter of a million people in Massachusetts until it was abruptly shut down by corrupt and powerful players just as the opioid epidemic was beginning to explode in America. 

Watch the most recent trailer for the film below.


More Than Just Another Christian Movie

This film is more than a story about the rise and fall of a successful medical practice. It is the story of an American dream turned nightmare for an innovative Christian immigrant from India. It is the story of how greed makes men cruel, how the love of money is at the root of all kinds of evil, and serves as a modern day example of the prophet Isaiah’s indictment on a nation: “Justice is turned back,” we read in Isaiah 59:14-15, “and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. So truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey.” 

Dr. Kishore departed from the evil cruelty of the political establishment's entrenched system of hopeless perpetuation of dependency to addictive opioids and became a reproach and a laughing stock. 

Hero in America will help make sense, not only of the opioid epidemic—arguably one of the worst public health crises to have ever afflicted us as a nation—but more importantly of our views of addiction itself. As only Christians can speak truth to the moral and spiritual underpinnings of this unprecedented national disaster, it is our responsibility and duty to shine the light of God’s Word on the various issues affecting the land. This film is an example of how Christians guided by the providential hand of God can effectively be the light of the world by the honest application of our faith to all areas of life and proclaiming the good news of the Gospel into the hopeless culture God has placed us in to minister. 

Production Update

  • We have collected a massive amount of expert-witness testimony (over 40 interviews, with a dozen more scheduled) from people familiar with Dr. Kishore, his treatment method, the growth and success of his practice, how special interests began to try to take him out of the system, and how eventually the state of Massachusetts took him down and destroyed his reputation, as well as the deadly impact it had in the lives of countless patients and their families
  • News footage and digital assets surrounding the legal cases against Dr. Kishore will be used to authenticate the testimonials of our interviewees whenever possible (Freedom of Information Act requests will be made when necessary in order to obtain necessary documentation)
  • Dr. Kishore’s own deposition-style interview will be used as a first person account. Additionally, much of the narration will be based on Martin Selbrede’s extensive and comprehensive magazine articles.

Your Support in the Final Stages of Production is Crucial

Your support of our partnership with Great Commission Films enables the filmmakers to continue working on this important project without interruption and allows them to finish strong and reach the widest possible audience with this story. 

Together we face an unprecedented opportunity. God has called us to be salt and light, and we have a unique opportunity to display the power of the gospel and of God’s Law-Word to effectively address this national curse and shine the light of Christ into the darkness and confusion that permeate the bankrupt solutions offered by those who "grope as if they had no eyes and stumble at noonday as in the night."

 By partnering with us to complete and broadcast this seminal documentary about Dr. Kishore’s work, you will be able to advocate for the just worldview. This view affirms that the object of addiction for an addict is not to gain sobriety itself but to secure purposeful community. The cause of addiction is an existential vacuum in the heart of man that narcotics cannot fill, but that man continuously attempts to satisfy with temporal substances.

Watch a special “thank you” video message from Chalcedon Vice-President, Martin Selbrede, to those Chalcedon supporters whose generous financial support is underwriting this important documentary.