Kishore Film: Hero in America

Dr. Kishore's Story is the Story of a Hero


The exciting completion nears to this kingdom-advancing new documentary film from Great Commission Films in association with the Chalcedon Foundation. 

Here’s why we need you to become part of it now:​

  • You now probably understand the opioid crisis like very few people in our nation. 
  • You know that real cause behind the current opioid epidemic: the church’s near total rejection of God’s law that has made most Christians powerless to confront the sins of greed and corruption. 
  • And you understand what’s really at stake here—the freedom individuals and families ought to have to fulfill their God-given potential as productive members of our society.

Together we face an unprecedented opportunity

God has commanded us to be salt and light, and we have a unique opportunity to display the power of the gospel and of God’s Law-Word to effectively address this national curse, and to shine the light of Christ into the darkness and confusion that permeate the bankrupt solutions offered by those who grope as if they had no eyes and stumble at noonday as in the night.


Faith for All of Life Readers Know

For some time now, you’ve been reading in Faith for All of Life the gargantuan battle that has resulted from Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore’s discovery of a nearly miraculous cure that undermines the State-sanctioned solutions to substance abuse. Viewers of Hero_in America will learn how to structure a dialogue about opioid addiction along a path of effective communication. Substance abuse goes well beyond chemical enslavement, and this is where Dr. Kishore and Big Pharma part company.

Advocate for the Just Worldview

By partnering with us to complete and broadcast this seminal documentary about Dr. Kishore’s work, you will be able to advocate for the just worldview. 

This view affirms that the object of addiction for an addict is not to gain sobriety itself but to secure purposeful community. The cause of addiction is an existential vacuum in the heart of man that narcotics cannot fill, but that man continuously attempts to satisfy with temporal substances.

Hero_in America is an exceptional evangelistic tool crafted to strike at the bullseye of America’s suicidal existentialist escapism. And you can now join in proclaiming the truth of how the nation can free itself from this blight by donating to help us complete our project.

Click here to view a special “thank you” video message from Chalcedon Vice-President, Martin Selbrede, to those Chalcedon supporters whose generous financial support is underwriting this important documentary.