Info on book club moderators

Jerri Lynn Ward, J.D (Our Threatened Freedom) February 2017

Led by Attorney, Jerri Lynn Ward, an active champion for civil liberties and the cause of Christ.

Rhett Bergeron, M.D. (Faith and Wellness) March 2017

Dr. Rhett Bergeron is a Christian physician from Georgia.

Tim Yarbrough (In His Service) April 2017

Tim Yarbrough has been married to Deborah since 1977 and they have 3 married adult children and 7 grandchildren. He has been in CR since 1983 and, related to the topic of this discussion, has been involved in creating local "charity" works that hopefully will produce inter-generational continuity. In addition, certain efforts are used to create community inclusive directives that serve to advance God's Law in different application of charity.

Peter Allison (Larceny in the Heart) May 2017

Andrea Schwartz (The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum) June 2107

Martin Selbrede (Sovereignty) July 2017

Mark Rushdoony (The American Indian) August 2017