Christian Reconstruction on the Island of Puerto Rico

By Bruce W. Roessler
July 01, 1997

It was towards the end of the 80s and early 90s that my theological, and even Christian, life was changed forever. The Lord very graciously allowed me to see and comprehend more deeply the awesome richness of His theology, via theonomy and postmillennialism. My wife and I are pretty much Methodist in our Biblical background, but have embraced theonomy, postmillennialism, and the covenant in its entirety, except some key points that touch the area of soteriology. We firmly believe in child baptism.

Three books changed my view of life and the world: The Puritan Hope, Backward Christian Soldiers, and Institutes of Biblical Law. What I discovered through Biblical Law (Dr. Rushdoony's) so filled me with joy, anticipation and awesomeness, that I've almost become obsessed with God's righteous law, love and kindness. For this, I've not been able to thank Dr. Rushdoony enough.

Since those years, I've discovered here in Puerto Rico, my home country, a certain number of Christian laymen and ministers who also were researching Reconstructionism, or had embraced it fully. Others I was blessed with the privileged of introducing to Christian Reconstruction:

  1. The Rev. Ralph Monge, a Presbyterian pastor and Christian academy director.
  2. The Rev. Rafael Aponte, Presbyterian-ordained minister and Bible scholar.
  3. The Rev. Johnny Ortiz, Presbyterian pastor and missions director for 5 churches and 4 schools on the Island of Haiti.
  4. Esq. Edric Vivoni Farage, lawyer and General Director of the Christian Coalition in P.R.A Baptist.
  5. Mr. Edgar Trinidad, lay Christian with evangelistic aspirations. Political consultant. Restaurant manager. Baptist.
  6. Rev. Enrique Ramos, Presbyterian minister, graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, PA.

I myself am pastor of Bethany Missionary Church—ordained, Bible scholar, writer, conference speaker to Hispanic churches, apologist, and evangelist. (An uncle of mine is Pastor-founder of the largest independent Presbyterian church on the island). Slowly, but surely, the Lord is building His Kingdom here in Puerto Rico, and shaping and forming a theonomic-postmil world view in the minds and hearts of these Christian folk.

But of all these men, the ones with the most far-reaching scope thus far, I believe, are the Rev. Ralph Monge and Rev. Johnny Ortiz, for their work with Christian schools. These men are fully dedicated to the preaching of the Word of God and to the vision of communicating covenant truth to the children.

The work of Pastor Monge is situated on the southwestern end of the island, and Pastor Ortiz's on the north side. At present the church-academy ministry of Pastor Monge owns a beautiful piece of property, about some 3 acres of land, where plans are being laid out for the new school buildings, Lord providing. Pray for funds for the Monge's Christian Reconstructionist academy.

The Island of Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the U.S., with a democratic form of government. Population — 3 million. The culture is very religious, two-thirds Roman Catholic, one third Protestant. Of the two-thirds Catholic, a good chunk of it is nominal or traditional, as it is in Latin America. Another part is spiritist or demon worship. Due to Puerto Rico's deep- seated humanism, the culture is radically lawless and socialistic, or what some call a "mixed economy." At present P.R. has a murder rate of close to 1,000 per year, on an island 100 miles by 35. Theft is a daily routine. The island's divorce rate is one of the highest in the world. Right now it is a bridge for drug traffic between Latin America and the US

Do pray for the church here. It is a good church, very large and numerous, but very deceived by dualism, humanism, and pietism. Nonetheless, it is highly evangelistic. If it can get a hold on theonomy and postmillennialism, it could do mighty things for God.

Those of us who have embraced theonomy here in PR are in eternal gratefulness to Dr. Rushdoony and the ministry of Chalcedon. Please come and see us. There is plenty of room in "the inn."

Our prayers for all of you. Our deepest thanks. We beg you to pray for us. Our sincere love to all.

Never dismay.

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Bruce W. Roessler

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