JCR: Vol. 05, No. 02, "Symposium on Puritanism and Law"

Secular historians are interested in the wider impact of Puritanism in Anglo-American history.They are interested in Puritan theology only insofar as this theology explains the origins of Puritanism’s wider impact.

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TopicsGovernment, Justice, American History, Puritanism, Christian Reconstruction, Church History, Church, The, Reformed Thought, Theology

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Greg L. Bahnsen

Greg L. Bahnsen, (1948-1995), was an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and a full time Scholar in Residence for the Southern California Center for Christian Studies where he taught Apologetics from a distinctly Reformed perspective. 

Bahnsen was a pillar of the Christian Reconstruction movement begun by Rousas John Rushdoony and wrote and spoke frequently for Chalcedon in the 1970’s. Bahnsen was a leading proponent of theonomy, postmillennialism, and presuppositional apologetics. His 1985 debate with atheist scholar, the late Gordon Stein, was dubbed The Great Debate, and remains a classic as well as a benchmark in Christian apologetics.

His early death came as a result of complications following his third heart surgery in December of 1995.

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David Chilton

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Terrill I. Elniff

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Richard Flinn

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Kirk House

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James B. Jordan

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Gary North

Dr. Gary North served as the editor of the Journal of Christian Reconstruction from 1974-81. He is the noted author of scores of articles and over thirty books on economics and history. Currently he serves as editor for GaryNorth.com and The Tea Party Economist. He is the Director of Curriculum Development for the Ron Paul Curriculum.

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Jack Sawyer

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