Back Again Mr. Begbie: The Life Story of Rev. Lt. Col. R.J.G. Begbie OBE

The life of Rev. Lt Col R.J.G. Begbie OBE, is an important chronicle of the twentieth century, a key era in history. In Dick Begbie, we have a distinguished military officer, a successful business man, and then a Christian pastor and church builder who founded new congregations in South Africa. We see old Christendom's son as a leader in the Christian revival of the West.

His personal history is an example of what the Holy Spirit has begun to do. The next generation will see much more. In itself, this is a very good personal history. But it is also part of a greater story now in its infancy, the story of the renewal of the Western world. The pre-Darwinian West began the evangelization of the world, and that mission is now being continued by others

Old Christendom is indeed in process of collapse, but it is also taking steps to Christianize the whole world and to make a new Christendom. This is a fragment of that story.

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