Notable People

Notable People

The people of God are His handiwork created in Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:10) and as a result produce good works that they were ordained to do. Notable People focuses on such individuals who are living out their God given callings to the glory of God, and shares their stories to encourage and build up the congregation of the faithful. (1 Thess 5:11)  These interviews were conducted from 2010 - 2012.

Daniel Becker - Why Personhood Matters (Notable People)
Topics:Biblical Law, Church, The, Culture , Education, Family & Marriage, Justice, Medicine / Healthcare
Sam Blumenfeld (Christian Educator) (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Samuel L. Blumenfeld
Topics:Biblical Law, Education, Family & Marriage, Government, R. J. Rushdoony, Statism
Lee Duigon - Bell Mountain (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Lee Duigon
Topics:Culture , Media / Arts, Theology, Fiction
Joaquin Fernandez, Eye for Kingdom Work (Notable People)
Topics:Biblical Law, Culture , Education, Family & Marriage, Media / Arts
Colin Gunn - IndoctriNation (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Colin Gunn
Topics:Biblical Law, Church, The, Culture , Education, Family & Marriage, Government, R. J. Rushdoony, Socialism, Statism, Theology
Eric Holmberg -- Reel to Reel Ministries (Notable People)
Topics:Biblical Law, Culture , Dominion, Media / Arts
James Lansberry, Morning Center (Notable People)
Topics:Charity, Church, The, Culture , Dominion, Medicine / Healthcare
Bojidar Marinov - Importance of Biblical Foundations (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Bojidar Marinov
Topics:Culture , Biblical Law, Dominion, Theology
Charles Mc Ilhenny - Preparing People for Eternity (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Charles A. McIlhenny
Topics:Charity, Church, The
Paul Michael Raymond - Christian Scholarship, Leadership, Action (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Paul Michael Raymond
Topics:Biblical Law, Education, Theology
Dr. Grant Scarborough - Mercy Med (Notable People)
Topics:Charity, Church, The, Medicine / Healthcare
Roger Schultz, Biblical Principles of Government (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Roger Schultz
Topics:American History, Biblical Law, Culture , Dominion, Education, Government, Justice
Martin Selbrede - Culture Changing Science Fiction (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Martin G. Selbrede
Topics:Biblical Law, Culture , Media / Arts, Fiction
Kevin Swanson (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Kevin Swanson
Topics:Biblical Law, Education, Family & Marriage
Greg Uttinger, Christian Educator (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Greg Uttinger
Topics:Church History, Education, Theology
Dr. David Wilson — Children Born Unto the Lord (Notable People)
Topics:Biblical Law, Charity, Church, The, Culture , Medicine / Healthcare
Mike Winther of IPS -- Building a Family Library (Notable People)
Authors:Andrea G. Schwartz , Mike Winther
Topics:Culture , Dominion, Education, Government, Justice
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Andrea G. Schwartz

Andrea Schwartz has been active as a home educator since 1983, successfully educating her three children through high school. She has authored eight books, writes the Kingdom-Driven Family blog, and oversees the Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute, a mentoring/study program for Christian women. She is available for consultations, speaking engagements, and promoting Christian education.

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