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20% Off* | Select Items 25-50% Off

Hardback, Paperback, Booklets, and ebooks purchases will be given a 20% discounts. Book sets which have a special price less than 20% off each book have been included in this offer. Book sets which have a greater discount per item will retain their larger discount.

All book Commentaries are 25% off. Commentaries which come in a set will have their set price within the set.

MP3s and MP3 Albums are 25% off. Albums with set discounts greater than the 25% off will not be included in this discount but will retain their higher discount.

All JCRs (Journal of Christian Reconstruction) purchases will be given the discount of 50% off.

Underwriters 25% Year-Round Discount

All Underwriter levels get a 25% discount which automatically applies to the cart for all non-sale or specially discount prices. Specially discounted items which are not 25% off already will be adjusted for Underwriters.

Site sales that exceed the Underwriter discount will result in an increase of the Underwriter discount.

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Journal Discount

The Journals of Christian Reconstruction are currently on sale for 50% off retail. Check them out. Login to see discount prices.


Wholesalers get 50% off all the time on most items.

Some titles are excluded from this discount and can be purchased from their publisher.

Discounted sets will not receive the 50% discount on their set price but rather on the price of the retail of each item within the set. Our site will reflect this price upon checkout.

Digital items are discount at current sale rates.

Must be logged into your wholesaler account to see discounted prices.

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