The Bell Mountain Series

“It’s Faithful Fiction That Reveals the Kingdom of God”

The book publishing market is flooded with fiction, and one market that has its full share of titles is the “tween” genre of fantasy, science fiction, and tales based in history. But is such a market full? Not hardly. Why not? It’s because the best ideas in storytelling have yet to be told, and for the Christian tween market, the best ideas are those that are both faithful to the Christian faith and present a unique perspective not found in most stories.

The Bell Mountain Series from Storehouse Press represents such an innovative approach to fiction targeting a younger audience. Author, Lee Duigon, has created a thrilling tale about an adventurous trek to discover the greatness of the kingdom. In an era when most Christian fiction supports an “escapist” Christianity of living in fear of the last days, the Bell Mountain Series of books helps Christian children embrace the victorious message of the Gospel through a narrative that will keep them turning the pages.

The author believes that children should learn the greatness of God’s Kingdom and how it reigns over all other earthly kingdoms. This will help to provide Christian children with a framework for living a personally victorious faith as they better understand the purpose of God’s Word in their lives and how they are part of the winning team!

The Bell Mountain Series is sure to influence the way Christian fiction is written by presenting a victorious message of God’s Kingdom in history as His enemies are vanquished and His church helps to establish His dominion. A new generation of Christians are already being trained for cultural victory and novels like the Bell Mountain Series provide the much needed “narrative” to help children visualize that victory in an exciting and entertaining way.