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Why Argue? Ep. 197

By Andrea G. Schwartz, Charles H. Roberts on August 08, 2022
Which model does Scripture promote in sharing the "good news" of Jesus Christ—argumentation or testimony? Listen in to this episode of the Out of the Question Podcast.
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Blind Faith

By R. J. Rushdoony on June 01, 2000
A common view in many churches is that the Christian gospel is comprehended by being born again. This, however, is the beginning, not the end, of faith. When it becomes the totality of the Faith, it is a departure from Christ. Its goal is then self-centered and wrong.
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How to Be a Failure: Worry

By R. J. Rushdoony on August 05, 2022
The man who worries is bound to fail sooner or later because he has a bigger problem locked up in his head than anything life can bring him.
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By R. J. Rushdoony on March 01, 1998
Religious faith is the major motivating force in human life and yet it is excluded from the affairs of state. The Ten Commandments are God's law, imperatives for Jews and Christians, and yet they are barred while pornography, abortion, and homosexuality are legal.
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Is Critical Analysis of Scripture a Pretense for Disobedience? Ep. 196

By Andrea G. Schwartz, Charles H. Roberts on August 01, 2022
How we view Scripture, as a command word or one we may critique, is the subject of this episode of the Out of the Question Podcast.
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Cure of Souls Audiobook Excerpt

By R. J. Rushdoony, Nathan Conkey on July 29, 2022
Listen to the excerpt of the audiobook The Cure of Souls. You can find the entire audiobook in our store along with many others.
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Dr. Cornelius Van Til

By R. J. Rushdoony on July 28, 2022
The question which remains unanswered is whether American Christianity will be judged for its neglect of him, or whether Van Til’s influence will become a part of its renewal.
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The Book of Leviticus - The Chalcedon Podcast - Ep. 25

By Martin G. Selbrede, Andrea Schwartz on July 26, 2022
The Book of Leviticus reveals more than a way to holiness. It shows us the path to dominion—even to a realized new Garden of Eden. The laws of God are essential to modern Christian community.
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Has the American Church Suffered from Identity Theft? Ep. 195 (guest Vishal Mangalwadi)

By Andrea G. Schwartz on July 25, 2022
Vishal Mangalwadi returns to the Out of the Question Podcast, this time to discuss his "fresh" perspective on the church in the Book of Revelation.
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Civilization's Civil War

July 22, 2022
For well over 500 years now, Western civilization has been in a state of civil war, with two aspects thereof in a growing conflict with one another. These two contending forces are humanism and Christianity.