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Good Morning, Friends Vol. 2 Audiobook Excerpt

By R. J. Rushdoony, Nathan Conkey on September 23, 2021
Listen to the excerpt of the audiobook Good Morning, Friends Vol. 2.
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Fascism, Socialism and Theocracy - The Chalcedon Podcast - Ep. 18

By Mark R. Rushdoony, Martin G. Selbrede, Andrea Schwartz on September 21, 2021
Political groups demonize their opponents with labels like fascism, socialism, and theocracy. How do we define these terms, and what does the Bible say about God's form of government?
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Have Relationships Become Disposable? ep. 154 (guest Daniel E. Johnson)

By Andrea G. Schwartz on September 20, 2021
In a world of products not meant to last but a short time, have we adopted the same attitude regarding people? In this episode of the Out of the Question Podcast, author Daniel E. Johnson discusses his book, "Disposable: When Dating Is Not Loving Your Neighbor."
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Are You Sure You Are on the Lord's Side? Ep. 153

By Andrea G. Schwartz, Charles H. Roberts on September 13, 2021
If God’s law-word is not used as the absolute standard, it is possible for Christians to be aligned with people and groups that are working in opposition to God. Are we a part of the “controlled opposition?” Here’s how to find out.
Blog Post

R.J. Rushdoony’s Future Impact

By Mark R. Rushdoony on September 09, 2021
I believe my father’s greatest impact is yet in the future, because he addresses issues the church has refused to address, but will be forced to at some point.
Magazine Article

The Kingdom of God & Christian Independence

By Mark R. Rushdoony on September 07, 2021
Man desperately needs to believe in an overarching meaning in order to view his own life of some great significance. When he fails to look to the sovereign Creator as his source of truth, he only wanders in the imaginations of his own mind and self-will.
Magazine Article

Dialectical Culture

By Martin G. Selbrede on September 06, 2021
In The One and the Many, Dr. R. J. Rushdoony deals with an issue that is wrongly assumed to be merely philosophical in orientation, whereas it actually has momentous consequences in the realm of politics and culture. In fact, Christian Reconstruction itself rises or falls to the extent that the Biblical resolution of this issue becomes our foundational presupposition.
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Is There a Righteous Way to Die? Ep. 152 (guest Rhett Bergeron, M.D.)

By Andrea G. Schwartz on September 06, 2021
Do Christians approach death in faith or in fear? In episode #152 of the Out of the Question Podcast, Dr. Rhett Bergeron speaks from his professional experience along with a Biblical faith in approaching this topic.
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Is It Godly to Anticipate Doom? Ep. 151

By Andrea G. Schwartz, Charles H. Roberts on August 30, 2021
God commands us to live by every word that proceeds out of His mouth, and that includes the way we respond to times of turbulence and crisis. How can we navigate through seasons of uncertainty without the sure foundation of God’s Word? How can we as Christians address the times in which we live? Some Christians believe it’s more godly to be poor, but is it also godly to be a doom-sayer? That’s what we discuss in this episode of Out of the Question.
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Law, Liberty & Power - The Chalcedon Podcast - Ep. 17

By Mark R. Rushdoony, Martin G. Selbrede, Andrea Schwartz on August 24, 2021
For fallen man, the political battle is always one of power vs liberty. Some men seek for liberty while the remaining seek for power. To seek power is to emphasize the “one,” while to seek liberty is to emphasize the “many.”

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