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Online Discussion November 4, 2019


The Emperor Has No Clothes

By R. J. Rushdoony on October 16, 2019
What started off as a sarcastic parody made its way into the realm of scientific fact.
Research Article

Pacific Northwest Christian Reconstruction Symposium Now in its Second Year

By Martin G. Selbrede on October 16, 2019
The Pacific Northwest Reconstruction Symposium is building a legacy for future generations, for these volumes will continue to conquer ground for Christ for those who were out of earshot of the speakers when the talks were in session up in the mountains.
Audio Track

Is Christopher Columbus a Hero or a Villain?

By Steve Macias, Andrea G. Schwartz on October 14, 2019
In episode #76 of the Out of the Question Podcast, the legacy of Christopher Columbus is examined.

Boldness after Persecution

By Mark R. Rushdoony on October 13, 2019
Mark Rushdoony preaching at Chalcedon Chapel 10-13-19
Magazine Article

Tithing & Building

By Martin G. Selbrede on May 01, 2006
The radical social consequences of the tithe, the fact that God’s Kingdom cannot properly grow without the tithe, are alien to modern Christians. The tithe is the primary Christian weapon against socialism.

The Fallacy of Pietism

By R. J. Rushdoony on October 09, 2019
​When you only focus on the basics of the faith and fail to develop them, you are left with an impoverished, simplistic Christianity that is defective.​
Research Article

The Lifeboat Syndrome

By Timothy D. Terrell on June 26, 2002

A balanced approach to looming emergencies requires biblical thinking.

Some people act on Chicken Little prophecies of calamity without due consideration. All too many of that credulous group have been left dead in the water financially and culturally because they were too focused on stocking the lifeboat.
Audio Track

What Place Do Devotionals Have in the Life of a Christian?

By Steve Macias, Andrea G. Schwartz on October 07, 2019
Out of the Question episode #75 discusses the pros and cons of using devotionals when it comes to the prayer life of a believer.

The Rulers Lose Control

By Mark R. Rushdoony on October 06, 2019
Mark Rushdoony preaching at Chalcedon Chapel 10-6-19.

The Re-Writing of History

By R. J. Rushdoony on October 05, 2019
R.J. Rushdoony discusses the fact that historical documents are not always accurate nor truthful, and in some cases, intentionally so.

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