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Online Discussion January 7, 2019

Blog Post

A Perpetual Reminder

By Mark R. Rushdoony on December 14, 2018
Christmas, thus, is more than a rehearsal of the history of the “holy infant so tender and mild.” It is a perpetual reminder of an essential point of Christian doctrine, that Jesus Christ was the second person of the Trinity who came to us in human flesh so that He might pay our death penalty.
Blog Post

Postmillennial Prayer

By Chalcedon Editorial on December 13, 2018
There’s an old saying that goes, “Pray like it all depends upon God but work like it all depends upon you.” As Reformed Christians seeking to fulfill the mission of godly reconstruction, this is precisely how we should live, because prayer is not opposed to work, and work is not opposed to prayer.

A More Godly Approach to Arithmetic

By Andrea G. Schwartz , Nancy Wilk, James Nickel on December 11, 2018
In this episode of Homeschooling Help with Andrea Schwartz​, she and Nancy Wilk are joined by special guest, Author & Educator James Nickel.​

He Whose Right It Is

By Mark R. Rushdoony on November 29, 2012
Magazine Article

Theory, Practice, and the Incarnation

By John B. King, Jr. on April 01, 2001
In the modern era, many churchmen lack a practical bent. Because they do not understand the world, their theology is little more than pious gush devoid of practical application.
Research Article

Reconstructing Inmates’ Lives Behind Bars

By Steve Christenson on December 10, 2018
Reconstructing inmate’s lives behind bars is one of the greatest opportunities of our time. When this discipling is done with a comprehensive worldview, where God’s Word is applied to every area of life, we will see God’s Kingdom expand exponentially.
Audio Track

What Is the Biblical Response to Our Country's Large Prison Population?

By Steve Macias, Andrea G. Schwartz on December 10, 2018
In this Out of the Question Podcast #43, Steve Macias and Andrea Schwartz interview Steve Christenson, a prison chaplain who taught inmates the Law of God and Christian Reconstruction.
Magazine Article

Incarnation and History: "He Whose Right It Is"

By R. J. Rushdoony on December 01, 2002
The first proclamations of the coming of Jesus Christ go back to the very beginnings of history, to the birth of time. In the Garden of Eden, as sentence is passed on mankind, the promise is given of restoration through the seed of the woman, who shalt "bruise," or literally, crush the Serpent's head (Gen. 3:15). The coming of the promised Son is the institution of victory.

Jesus Before the Religious Establishment

By Mark R. Rushdoony on December 09, 2018
Mark Rushdoony preaching at Chalcedon Chapel 12/9/18
Audio Track

Foundations of Social Order Book of the Month Club Discussion

By Martin G. Selbrede on December 09, 2018
R.J. Rushdoony's book, The Foundations of Social Order, is discussed in this monthly book club meeting.

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