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Is It Biblical to Be Patriotic?

By Steve Macias, Andrea G. Schwartz on May 25, 2020
In episode #97 of the Out of the Question Podcast, the subject of patriotism vs. nationalism is discussed from a biblical framework.
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The Long-term Necessity of Building the Kingdom

By Mark R. Rushdoony on May 23, 2020
The Kingdom of God, our Lord said, grows because it is nurtured in the faithfulness of its citizens and empowered by the Holy Spirit.m
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Theonomy vs. Tyranny

By R. J. Rushdoony on September 11, 2012
Man's choice is between theonomy and autonomy, God's law versus self-law.
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The Problem with Revivalism

By Roger Schultz on November 01, 2004
Everyone has a mental image of the revivalist. For most, it is probably an annoying man with a polyester suit, slick hair, an auctioneer’s cadence, and an incessant sales pitch. Christians should long for and pray for genuine Biblical revival, but they should also be highly suspicious of modern revivalism.
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The Alternative to a Sovereign God

By Mark R. Rushdoony on September 19, 2005
The idea of God predestinating from eternity is offensive to many. The alternative to a decreeing God, however, is a spectator God, one who is Himself subject to the actions of men in time and history. Man wants to believe he is in control. Even Christians often want a God who only reacts to man, like an umpire or judge. To whatever extent we deny predestination to God, we thereby transfer it to man.
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Lurching from Crisis to Crisis

By Mark R. Rushdoony on May 16, 2020
We seem to lurch from one crisis to another. It comes from man playing god. As Christians we accept the Bible’s analysis of man’s problem being his sin.

His Mercy Endureth Forever (Bell Mountain, 12)

By Lee Duigon on May 14, 2020
The 12th volume of the Bell Mountain Series... God’s judgment hangs over the city of Obann, still in the hands of usurpers. Can the city be called to repentance in time to save it from destruction? Lord Orth must return to the city to preach mercy and repentance, and Ellayne and Jack must get him there safely, past the tyrant’s men who’ve sworn to kill him.
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Embracing the God Who Shakes Our World

By Martin G. Selbrede on May 14, 2020
History is a time of shaking in order to bring down all things whose foundation is not the Rock, Jesus Christ. He alone is the unshakable foundation which can withstand the earthquakes and floods of history. Anything without Him as the foundation will perish.
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Our Threatened Freedom - Chalcedon Podcast, Ep. 3

By Mark R. Rushdoony, Martin G. Selbrede, Andrea Schwartz on May 13, 2020
Christians must take civil authoritarianism seriously and begin the work of Christian Reconstruction.
Blog Post

The Security of the State is a Fraud

By Mark R. Rushdoony on May 11, 2020
My father was a keen observer of cultural trends and had the resolve and capacity to view all things through a Biblical lens. .. [He} saw the outcomes of humanistic thinking and the policies and programs that would logically flow from them. More importantly, though, he was ready and able to posit the remedy. He did not merely act as the harbinger of “bad news,” but served as the herald for truly Biblical solutions.

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