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October Book of the Month Club

Online Discussion October 7, 2019

Audio Track

How Does a Christian Succeed in Getting Elected to Public Office?

By Steve Macias, Andrea G. Schwartz on September 16, 2019
​In episode #73 of the Out of the Question Podcast, the hosts examine what role a Christian can and should play when it comes to pursuing political office.

The Descent of the Spirit

By Mark R. Rushdoony on September 15, 2019
Mark Rushdoony preaching at Chalcedon Chapel 9-15-19
Audio Track

Institutes of Biblical Law Vol. 3 Book of the Month Club Discussion

By Dr. Shawn Mitchell, Andrea G. Schwartz on September 11, 2019
The third volume of Dr. R.J. Rushdoony's "Institutes of Biblical Law" is discussed.
Blog Post

Owning Their Faith

By Andrea G. Schwartz on September 10, 2019
It is important to know what you believe. It is also important to know why you believe what you believe and to be able to articulate it both verbally and in writing. Why? Because if you cannot explain something, chances are, you do not really understand it.
Blog Post

Determining the New Direction of History

By Chalcedon Editorial on September 07, 2019
​We have a limited view of God’s providence if we see it only in terms of events and not also as an aspect of our epistemology. It’s not simply that God controls every creature and every action but that we also have a “universe of total and personal meaning” because of it. Our responsibility is based on the fact that we “move in the light of God’s providence.”
Magazine Article

The Fountain of True Love

By Ellsworth McIntyre on May 01, 1998
The family is to all practical intent abolished whenever the state determines the education, vocation, religion, and the discipline of the child.,,, The abandonment of a family-oriented education leads to the destruction of masculinity. . . .
Blog Post

Schooling vs. Education

By Andrea G. Schwartz on November 29, 2010
With the extensive amount of free federal financial aid that is practically forced down students' throats, public universities are de facto academic welfare centers servicing students with other people's money. Ironically, many who take advantage of this free money, will leave their schooling years with sizeable debt since this aid often consists of deferred loans, with few, if any, innovative skills.
Research Article

Why New Orleans? A Meditation on the Hurricane

By Lee Duigon on September 12, 2005
We don’t fully understand why God permits natural disasters: only that this is a fallen world undergoing violent “birth pangs” as it waits for Christ’s return and the renewal of the perfection it had when God first created it. But it does seem clear that one of the purposes of disasters is to call us to repentance.
Audio Track

Is Amusement a Biblical Concept?

By Steve Macias, Andrea G. Schwartz on September 02, 2019
In episode #72 of the Out of the Question podcast, the co-hosts discuss the contemporary practices of amusement which more often than not are humanistic in their orientation.

One Must Be Ordained

By Mark R. Rushdoony on September 01, 2019
Mark Rushdoony preaching at Chalcedon Chapel 9-1-19

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