The Chalcedon Foundation® is a Christian education organization devoted to the research, publishing, and promotion of Christian Reconstruction. We believe that the Christian faith is applicable to every area of life and thought and that all things are to be "reconstructed" according to God's revealed will in Scripture.

Founded in 1965 by R.J. Rushdoony, the Chalcedon Foundation® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit named after the great ecclesiastical Council of Chalcedon (A.D. 451) which defined Jesus Christ as both truly God and truly man. Rushdoony recognized this crucial definition of the mystery of Christ's incarnation as the limiting factor to all human authorities and institutions. In Matthew 28:18, the resurrected Christ declared, "All power [authority] is given unto me in heaven and earth," which means no person or human institution can claim ultimate authority in history.

With recognizing Christ as Lord in history, the Chalcedon Foundation® teaches that the first and most basic government is self-government, but it is self-government terms of God's revealed will which is contained in His written laws within both Old and New Testaments. Salvation is more than delivering a sinner from eternal punishment. It is a restoration to obedience as Christians live out the law of God that is written upon their hearts and minds.

Since Christ is Lord of history, and His Kingdom is expressed through His people, then the Lordship of Christ extends to every area of life and thought. Our mission, therefore, as the body of Christ in history is to advance the Crown Rights of King Jesus in every realm.

Rushdoony set forth a culturally relevant, incarnational theology in which "the rubber meets the road."
John King, Jr.
freelance writer, PhD engineering
Indispensable resource of truth and liberty.
Robert Cain
I'm taking a woman's group study course through Chalcedon. I am seeing the world more clearly with a Biblical perspective than ever before. I did not realize how much the humanist views had clouded my understanding of God's laws. Without His law their is no love. God bless this group and all that Chalcedon does to rightly point to Jesus.
Cindy Roediger
Rushdoony's critics often missed an important aspect of his message -- the liberation and release it offered to individuals and churches.
Rev. Tom Clark
An oasis of Biblical scholarship and truth.
Stanley Chen
The Chalcedon Foundation is truly an excellent organization dedicated to the propagation of biblical literacy and to the preparation of a generation ready to confront—and offer solutions to—the many ills of our times.
Joaquin Fernandez
Chalcedon has a lot of great resources such as good reading material and classes. I was grateful to participate in The Institutes of Biblical Law study group. My worldview has been absolutely solidified in God's Word.
Diana Popko
Chalcedon has been a great blessing to our family in aiding us to understand our Covenant obligations for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom in all areas of life. We are grateful for Chalcedon’s continued faithfulness through the years to Biblical orthodoxy and orthopraxy. The new website has made searching for and use of resources a pleasure.
John Bion
R.J. Rushdoony was not merely a theologian living in a cloister. His attachment to the world of human action was ever evident in his critical writings about education, politics, culture, government, economics, philosophy, the church, home schooling, and everything else.
Sam Blumenfeld
author, educator
I will remember "Rush" as the person God used to "turn the lights on" to help me see that God's Word -- all of it --was not just to be consulted, but to be digested and utilized in every area of life and thought.
Andrea Schwartz
wife, mother, educator, author
R. J. Rushdoony’s always had time for ordinary people, and had the ability to communicate with them in down-to-earth language. He wrote with clarity. It was not possible to misunderstand the point he was making. Ordinary men and women, those seeking real answers that made sense, were the people who bought and read his books.
Ian Hodge
business consultant, musician

Equipping the Self-governing Christian

Beginning with a simple newsletter to a small list of supporters, R.J. Rushdoony launched what he originally referred to as a "Christian Renaissance." His goal, as he wrote in his first newsletter, was to provide a "counter-measure to the prevailing trend'—to show that "the answer to humanism and statism is Christian faith and liberty."

As opposed to organizations focused on creating policies for the ever-growing state bureaucracies, Rushdoony saw that the role of the Chalcedon Foundation® as an educational one, — to equip and empower Christians to apply their faith to every area of life and thought through:


Since 1965, the Chalcedon Foundation® has existed solely by the financial gifts of its faithful supporters.

We do not receive money from state or federal governments nor from other foundations. It is the direct, tax-deductible gifts of Chalcedon's supporters that underwrites the full work of this ministry.

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What Chalcedon does with your donations:

Faithful Christian scholarship is the primary work of Chalcedon's researchers and writers. We examine diverse areas of life and society in the light of God's Word, and then exploring how Christians should apply their faith in all areas of life. This is accomplished through numerous means...


Since its inception, publishing has been the focus of the work of Chalcedon with certain titles playing a significant role in shaping Christian culture and thought since the 1960s. Chalcedon continues its aggressive publishing schedule through two publishing labels:

  • Chalcedon/Ross Booksour academic, non-fiction publishing house producing numerous titles each year.
  • Storehouse Pressour fiction label which publishes regular Christian fiction, such as the award-winning Bell Mountain Series by fantasy writer, Lee Duigon.

Online Resources

In order to more effectively reach Christians around the world, we offer free access to most of our academic books online as well as thousands of recorded sermons and lectures.


Conferences and informal gatherings remain an important aspect of the outreach of the Chalcedon Foundation®. Whether sponsoring our own events across the country, participating as keynote speakers at conferences, or hosting a book and resource booth at a Christian conference, we make engaging with people one on one a top priority. Many of our previous events are available for listening in our resource section or may be purchased through our online store.


  • Chalcedon Teacher Training Institutethrough the leadership and initiative of our resident Christian education advocate, Andrea Schwartz, Chalcedon is able to provide Christian women with one-on-one, and small group training geared towards equipping strong Christian families.
  • Men's Round Table DiscussionUnderwriters (our regular financial supporters) have the opportunity to participate in an ongoing, weekly online discussion group, geared toward the practical application of God's law-word in their everyday life.

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