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Frequently Asked Questions


Contact & Website

Go to our Archive Site. You will be able to login using your previous login information. Then go to your Account. Under your Purchases you will see "Downloads." This will take you to all the digital files you have purchased.

If you have any trouble getting your past downloads please contact us.

At the bottom of every page of the website, you will see Contact Us where you can find our address, phone, fax number, hours of operation and contacts for help with addresses, accounts and more.

Since we've made a major update you no longer need to register for the main site. However, you will need to login to the Store.


Taxes, placing a donation, & updating donations

Yes, all donations and Underwriter Pledges to Chalcedon are tax deductible. You should receive a receipt of donation from our offices after your donation is placed. We also send end of the year reports for tax purposes.

If you did not receive a receipt please feel free to contact our office.

Go to our GIVE page. You will be able to choose from making a one-time, recurring donation, PayPal giving or give towards a mailing we've sent to you. You can become one of our Underwriters and receive special perks. All donations are tax deductible.

Yes, you can go to our GIVE page and choose the Underwriter option. You will be able to make a one-time gift through this system. Any donations placed by an existing Underwriter are added to their pledge as an extra amount.

You can now go to our GIVE page and choose whether you want to be an Underwriter or your are simply donating. Then choose the monthly donation you wish to give. If you are becoming an Underwriter please choose the amount based on the Underwriting Level you wish to become.

Yes, you are able to use PayPal through our site. When you get to the payment section of your donation you will be able to choose PayPal as an option.

Now that Chalcedon has partnered with Classy you have have complete access to your recurring donation. 

You can go to our GIVE page. Scroll past the giving option to the "How to Update Your Giving Account" section. Follow the directions given for whatever item you are seeking to do.

Chalcedon's Donor system has a different login than our Store.

If you feel more comfortable having us change your information, please contact us.


Question about our New

Yes, we are. Shopify made it easy for use to keep our store separate and secure so we moved all our products over. You can reach our store by going to or Either link will take you to our store. Here you can see all our products and purchase using virtually any payment method to make a purchase. Our store will keep you updated on the progress of your order including sending your tracking information for any physical item you purchase. Digital items will be fulfilled with a second email and download links.

You can also use the Shop app to track your Chalcedon packages and shop Chalcedon's store. Shop app for iPhone and Android.

Our new store is part of the Shopify system. This means there are many ways for your to purchase including PayPal. You can also find our store on the Shop app where you can get tracking information for all your orders.

Yes. You can download our Catalog for a list of our books. Be sure to pay attention to the discounts available on the site which will be honored via mail order.

The best way to calculate your order is to put the items you wish to purchase into your cart and let the site tell you the discounted prices (if any apply) and the shipping. This will be the amount you'll need to send.

If you are in one of the following states please add the below percentage tax:

  • California residents add 7.25% on items.
  • North Carolina residents add 7.5% on items and shipping.
  • Nebraska residents add 7.5% on items and shipping.
  • New Jersey residents add 6.625% on items and shipping.
  • Pennsylvania residents add 6% on items and shipping.
  • Tennessee residents add 9.75% on items and shipping.
  • Texas residents add 8.25% on items and shipping.
  • Virginia residents add 6.3% on items.
  • Washington residents add 10% on items and shipping.

You will be sending your order to: Chalcedon, PO Box 158, Vallecito, CA 95251, USA

Please make check payable to Chalcedon.

Our new story will tell you the type of product you are ordering. Each item has a format listen on the product page. All digital items have ribbons on the product image to indicate what you are purchasing. Only physical books do NOT have ribbons.


We do offer bookstores, libraries, school, churches and ministries our wholesale discount. You can find our wholesale terms HERE.

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