The Chalcedon Foundation is much more than a resource library and a place where you can purchase materials. We have ongoing events/activities designed to help you connect with teachers, speakers, and other like-minded people. Check out the listings below to participate in a more active way.

Study Groups and Study Aids

Consider joining an ongoing study to further develop your understanding of how the Christian faith is a Faith for All of Life

Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute

The Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute (CTTI) is a course of study intended to develop increased competency and direction in the Christian teaching community. Assigned readings, lectures, and position papers are part of an overall effort to further the competency of Christian women (wives, mothers, singles, grandmothers, homeschool teachers, or mentors) and to enhance their ability to convey and maintain a Biblically consistent and orthodox worldview over every area of their lives.

Men's Roundtable Discussion

The Chalcedon Roundtable online weekly discussions (Thursdays 8:00 Pacific) enable men to interact with each other over the meat of the word for the purpose of applying the Christian faith to all of life. 

After listening to a selected lecture, questions are posed for discussion. A recording of the discussion is available for those who may not be able to make a particular meeting.

Homeschooling Help Videos

These videos provide help to both novice and veteran homeschooling families. Andrea Schwartz and Nancy Wilk now mentor home educators now that they have graduated their children.


These podcasts tackle common questions people ask and uncover the true question behind the question, while providing Biblical solutions.


Andrea Schwartz
Rev. Charles Roberts (1-40)
Fr. Steve Macias (41-113)

Additional guests and guest hosts...

Church & Bookstore Directory

Periodically we are asked if we know of churches in certain areas. While we may know of churches we do not always know how much their teachings coincide with Chalcedon. For that reason we always ask for recommendations and try to share those we come across daily.

Occasionally, customers have asked if there are bookstores in their area that carry Chalcedon books. Considering bookstores are less frequent than they were we do not have a lot that have physical locations. As we come across them we will add them to the list.

Specific Request or Issue

If you are looking for assistance or need to contact us please go to our contact page.