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America's Future -- Cuba's Future

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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I am in regular touch with a Cuban exile who has done some volunteer work for me proofreading the Spanish translation of my book, Lessons Learned from Years of Homeschooling and is currently beginning the proofreading process of Rushdoony's The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum. I thought I would share a part of one of his recent emails.

Honestly speaking, I see America's future in homeschooling children, teaching them sound Christian values. Public education can be described only with a C word. I just came back home from a visit to an elderly pastoral couple who came to America for the first time in 1956 and finally established themselves in Miami in 1960. They say that the U.S. they knew in those years had nothing to do with present day America. In their opinion America - like Cuba - has degenerated over the years. We shared our concerns that, if Cuba becomes free from Communism, and the major influence will be the U.S., then corruption, prostitution, homosexual marriage, drugs and pornography could be the main "assets" imported from America. As you may see, even Cuban exiles worry about America's future, sensing that it will be linked to Cuba's own future.

He asked me a question that I thought I would throw out to my blog readers.

My main concern is when Hispanic or other non-English speaking people try to homeschool their children. How will the children get their English to a level good enough to compete for jobs, pass State examinations, etc?

Any thoughts?