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Answering the Call

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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One of the best aspects of becoming affiliated with the Chalcedon Foundation back in 1984 involved meeting some fellow believers who had answered God’s call to put their faith into action. I eventually became one of those people after comprehending Chalcedon’s message –that the Christian faith is a faith for all of life. I began to team up with other like-minded believers to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in creative ways.

One such venture took place back in 1988 when I heard Judy Rogers sing Mama Please Don’t Cry – a song she wrote from the perspective of an unborn baby. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to have a music video that dramatized the song? Before too long I had amassed a team of fellow homeschoolers who were ready, willing, and able to put this plan into action. Judy graciously gave us permission to use her music and our group of volunteers got to work.

The video* below is the result of our efforts. One viewer commented, “It’s a simple story, simply told. It encourages women to do the right thing.” It is my hope that you will share this video with many, but additionally that you will take the talents and vision that God has blessed you with and answer His call in new and creative ways.

To God be the glory!!

[* there is a 10 second lead time before it begins]