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Christian Reconstruction vs “Social Justice Warriors”

There is the work of reconstruction that we all must do, and then there is the word of reconstruction that must be proclaimed which is a work for Chalcedon to do.

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The doctrine of rights is still very powerful, and its main area of power is among newcomers to social power, minority groups in particular. Its content grows vaguer as its political power increases.[1]

Could there be a more prescient passage by Rushdoony regarding the very times in which we live? Is he not precisely describing the contemporary movement of Social Justice Warriors (SJW) who’ve picked up the cause of every minority group and seek to hold college campuses hostage?

And do we not all sit and wonder about what precisely these misguided protestors stand for? It seems that Rushdoony is accurate to say that “its content grows vaguer as its political power increases.” In other words, they’re like children wielding a gun. There’s no depth to their reasoning. There is only a lust for power and significance. And the more that power grows, the less reason they’ll need to justify it. The “newcomers to social power” are usually the most dangerous.

The Downward Spiral of the Mob Mentality

Why do we have to contend with revolutionaries? It’s because of misplaced sovereignty. Historically, sovereignty belonged to royalty, emperors, or an elite political and social class—because sovereignty meant to be above all others—but after Marx and the rise of rank democracy, sovereignty was up for grabs:


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