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Cogent Commentary

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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To be effective teachers, Christian homeschooling parents need a regular diet of cogent commentary on important issues of our day.  It is crucial, though, that the commentary comes from reliable sources that share a biblical worldview.

Bojidar Marinov, missionary to Bulgaria, has such a reliable perspective.  I call your attention to two articles I've read of his in the last month, The True Origin of Foreign Missions and the one exercepted below, Woody Allen Wants to Make Obama Dictator in Chief

 In its flight from God and His Law, the Left didn't find freedom from religious beliefs, neither did it find wisdom. To the contrary, the Left rejected the ordered house of the Christian religion only to live in the jungle of primitive creature worship and superstition; and instead of wisdom, it got irrationalism and stupidity. Woody Allen is an end product of this process.
Irrational superstitious creature-worshippers do not build civilizations. They can only live as parasites in a civilization created by those who worship the Creator. Woody Allen's faith is dying across America, and his brilliant famoser Kerl will go down in history as the worst President America ever had. God is not to be mocked.