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Five Tips to Help Your Children Love One Another

My husband and I resolved to apply Biblical law to the predictable outbursts of fighting and disagreement among our children. However, first, we had to examine our own thinking to make sure that we were working out of a Biblical worldview rather than expediency, but if we wanted to see godly change, we needed to apply godly discipline and instruction.

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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From The Kingdom Driven Family Blog:

My three children have a number of years between them. Six and a half years separates my first from my second; the third one came seven and half years later. People used to comment that with the age spread, I probably would not have too many occurrences of them not getting along. Wrong! Since we homeschooled, they had plenty of opportunity to get on each other’s nerves and irritate one another.

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