Homeschooling Boot Camp

By Andrea G. Schwartz
April 09, 2020

When soldiers head out to war, they usually have intensive training before going into a battle zone or actual combat. Along with the inherent character that is an integral part of being a soldier, there is customarily a six-week period of focused training called boot camp. Today, in the field of exercise, it is not uncommon to see fitness boot camps promoted for participants who are facing a challenge, if not a war, over bad habits and practices.

Education is no different. Those who teach have a greater responsibility and culpability (James 3:1), and they won’t succeed if they are not disciplined in the mission, practices, and objectives of transmitting sound knowledge and understanding to their students. Because of the current unique situation of public gatherings being suspended, and school doors shut, many find themselves in an unenviable situation of having to “lead the troops” when they are not always certain how, when or where they need to do so.

Thanks to my involvement with the Chalcedon Foundation and my own homeschooling journey of just under 30 years, when my days of hands-on homeschooling ended, I began to see the need to gather existing resources and produce some material of my own. In looking over the contributions of those I learned from and the material I helped produce, I realized we have, in essence, compiled a homeschooling boot camp that can be utilized by those who have just received a “battlefield promotion” when it comes to being educators.

Videos, audio lectures, blog pieces, books, and podcasts are available and easy to find with refined searches on the Chalcedon website. You will also find useful links to the right on the sidebar of this post.

The war we are involved in has many facets. However, the greatest enemy is the army of rebellious people determining to be their own god and deciding good and evil for themselves. Sometimes we have to determine if we have unwittingly entered their ranks, and make a personal course correction. Christian education is the most powerful weapon in this fight when students (both young and old alike) are undergirded by a strong and vibrant faith, and trained in the practice of looking at all things through the lens of Scripture.

And, for those who get battle weary and need reinforcements from the back lines, I and a host of other homeschooling veteran moms are ready, willing, and eager to help. Just holler!


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Andrea G. Schwartz

Andrea Schwartz is Chalcedon’s family and Christian education advocate, and the author of eight books including: A House for God: Building a Kingdom-Driven Family, The Biblical Trustee Family: Understanding God’s Purpose for Your Household, Empowered: Developing Strong Women for Kingdom Service, Woman of the House: A Mother’s Role in Building a Christian Culture, and The Homeschool Life: Discovering God’s Way to Family-Based Education. She’s also the co-host of the Out of the Question podcast, and Homeschooling Helps (weekly live Facebook event). She can be reached at [email protected]

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