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I Once Was Lost….But Now Am Found

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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A number of years ago I acquired a portable Global Positioning System (GPS) to lessen the amount of time I spend getting lost. Prior to this, I would call for directions or print off point-to-point directions from internet-based maps. If I were traveling to a museum from my home, I would print out the directions with my home as a starting point. However, if I left for a museum from a relative’s home, I would have to print out the directions from that starting point. This meant I had a binder full of directions for all the possible stops I might make.

Now with my faithful GPS system that makes use of satellites, I key in my location and get step-by-step instructions to my destination. The GPS takes my destination location and calculates directions, driving time, and provides a map showing me my progress along the way. If I should happen to make a mistake – for example missing an exit – the program immediately alerts me and begins to “recalculate” the correct route from where I happen to be. With this device, I am assured of getting to my destination with less stress, confusion, and lost time. It is a great feeling when the GPS program announces I have arrived at my desired location.

The Word of God is much more than a GPS system, although there are similarities that bear mentioning. The satellites that make a GPS system work are positioned above the earth to be able to cover the entire globe. God, being the Creator of space and time, exists outside of them, and thus has the omniscient view that allows Him (and His law-word) to be our only reliable set of instructions as to how to glorify and enjoy Him. In addition, God’s Word has a “recalculating” function, alerting us when we have strayed from the narrow path that leads to life, and providing instructions for the way to return to it. Moreover, we are assured of arriving at our ultimate destination (heaven), free from the self-inflicted stress of indecision or autonomy that makes the journey more complicated than it need be.

Hands-on parenting, especially in the homeschool setting, provides the opportunity to help children make use of the Word of God in every area of life and thought. The Bible is the Christian’s – G.P.S. -- God’s Positioning System.