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I'm Glad You Asked

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to a homeschooling mother who had read my book Lessons Learned from Years of Homeschooling and had scheduled a time to call me and ask me the list of questions she had assembled as a result of reading it. The questions were excellent ones:

*** What did I mean by the law-word of God?
*** What did I mean when I said that we need to submit to the Word, Person, and rule of Jesus Christ?
*** How could she know if she held presuppositions that are contrary to Scripture, and how should she go about unearthing them and dealing with them?

Why I called this encounter a pleasure results from the fact that here was a woman who was very hungry for God's Word, with a huge appetite for applying it faithfully. It also gave me an opportunity to realize that there is much I know and take for granted that could be of great benefit to other homeschooling teachers/parents similarly eager to apply their faith to all of their lives. The dilemma: how to connect those who have questions and need mentoring with someone (me) eager and willing to answer and assist?

So, I invite you to send your questions to: andr[email protected] and I will deal with them during the interview scheduled for next week.