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Jaded Heroes

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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Our culture celebrates the celebrity. Advertisers run to sign up the next big wonder whether it is in sports, film, or music. Is it any wonder that the top-rated show in America has all its contenders vying for the title of idol? Whether you look at the modeling industry, the film industry, or the sports industry, you see that many parents are priming their children for notoriety and glory from a very early age. When five and six year olds have agents and their contemporaries have personal trainers, you know that people are chasing that carrot called fame. Fame often translates into dollars (albeit inflated ones), and some adults are all too willing to have their children make any sacrifice to earn them. The results often include the absence of a reliable moral compass.

This past week one of the idols of our culture was photographed smoking marijuana, and a “friend” who captured the moment handsomely kicked one of America’s sports heroes off his pedestal. (No doubt, the budding photographer did not earn as much as his celebrity buddy lost.) The news reports show stunned anchors, as though they are truly distraught over this “breaking” story. They are all too willing to use the young man’s celebrity status against him, as were the hordes who wanted to attach themselves to him in his glory.

Christian parents need not shy away from having their children pursue activities just because there are inherent pitfalls. On the contrary, Christians should be represented in all legitimate, lawful endeavors with the aim of glorifying God and enjoying the talents and gifts He placed within each person. Parents with stars in their eyes, rather than eyes fixed on Jesus, are likely to lead their little ones astray – valuing the praise of men more than the praise of God. The role of fathers and mothers is to lead their little ones to God. The alternative brings to mind millstones, necks, and bodies of water!