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Mistakes, Blunders, Oversights, and Errors

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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Homeschooling moms need to run a tight ship. If a woman is going to succeed in the varied roles she fulfills (wife, mom, teacher, chauffer, medical liaison, social coordinator, etc.) she needs to have control of her domain. It is not unrealistic or unreasonable to expect everyone to do his or her job and conform to a schedule that allows all priorities and expectations to be met. But…

There is a danger in being regimental. It can lead to overlooking the reality that people (especially husbands and children) have flaws, and that mistakes, blunders, oversights, and errors can and will happen. In short, as homeschooling moms rise on the efficiency meter, it is possible, and likely, that they fall on the mercy meter.

Nothing remedies this tendency like personal, humbling experiences that reveal to us that we, too, fall short of God’s glory and need to rethink our harsh grading of those we teach and with whom we live. Yesterday, I had such an experience, the details of which don’t mean much to anyone but me. Suffice it to say, when we go through the “valley of humiliation,” we see how good our God truly is, and how we would be nothing without Him.

Excellence, efficiency, competence, and diligence are vital components to serving the Kingdom of God. Similarly, mercy, patience, understanding, compassion, and longsuffering are the God-ordained means by which we become more like His Son.