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Not All "Christian" Education is Created Equal

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The following is an account from a teacher in the U.K.

I had an experience today I thought I'd share with you as yet another reason to homeschool. I know neither of us need convincing but I like having a bank of reasons to give people when they ask me why I want to homeschool my children.

Today the year 9 students (14 year olds) were asked to create presentations on the invention that teenagers cannot live without. Some of the projects were very good, with the winning team (from my class) claiming braces are vital.

What was shocking is that one class did a presentation to the whole of year 9 that condoms are the invention that teenagers such as themselves can not live without. They claimed this to be the greatest invention. Some students in my class also had asked if they could use this for their presentation, and I had a conversation with them that this was completely inappropriate and wrong. I emphasized that as a Catholic school we would not be promoting premarital sex and that contraception is against the Catholic faith.

It is shocking that students wanted to choose this for their "greatest invention," yet even more so that they were allowed to present this in a formal assembly to the whole of year 9 with no teacher stopping the presentation midway and no reprimand given. I found myself in the unusual place of being grateful someone in my class had asked about this earlier so that I could address it before they saw this presentation.

So even in a so called Catholic School, children will learn that they cannot live without condoms.
As for me - I'll be homeschooling my own children!