Recalled from Rebellion

By Chalcedon Editorial, Chalcedon
April 02, 2013

Much of the church's message today is presented as God's ultimate benefit package. Too often, there is little said about God's requirement for men.

Our salvation is more than an escape from the negative consequences of sin (i.e., death and hell). It is also our recall to the role God intended for us.

We are recalled from rebellion to a life of obedience. That means we must renounce any desire to play out Satan's promise that we can "be as gods." Being a creature of God and under His authority is where we find our true life and freedom.

Salvation is also our recall from sin to righteousness. This is why the redeemed man is called the "righteous" of God. We are, by God's grace and the power of His Spirit, enabled to manifest God's righteousness in our lives. We self-consciously give up our moral rebellion by submitting to the righteousness of God.

If salvation is presented merely as a free benefit, it implies there is no obligation on man's part. There is no cost to man, but there is a price, and that was born by Christ at Calvary. We, in turn, as new creatures in Him, as His righteous people, bear the obligation of submission in faith and obedience, of bearing His cross daily.

Chalcedon's mission is to remind believers how to bear the cross of Christ as they serve in His Kingdom. 

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