Socialism vs Christian Independence

By Chalcedon Editorial
February 28, 2020
If every true Christian tithed today, we could build vast numbers of new and truly Christian churches, Christian schools, and colleges, and we could counteract socialism by Christian reconstruction, by creating Christian institutions and a growing area of Christian independence. Consider the resources for Christian reconstruction if only 25 families tithed faithfully! Socialism grows as Christian independence declines. As long as people are slaves within, they will demand slavery in their social order.[1]

To this day, Christian Reconstruction is misconstrued as a political movement bent on seizing the reins of federal power in order to impose Biblical law on an unwilling population. And for secular conspiracy theorists, the ever-present threat of a “Christian theocracy” keeps the self-appointed watch dogs on duty at all times. They believe that the right conservative candidate just might awaken the full force of the dormant Religious Right.

That is not Christian Reconstruction, because if it were, Rushdoony wouldn’t have written as much as he did about the tithe. After all, the state has its own “tithe” by way of coercive taxation, and if Christians seized power, then they would have the coffers of Washington to work with. For Rushdoony, tithing means dominion because it’s the way in which Christians create alternative means of government to that of the state.

American Socialism

Chalcedon has never suggested that a Christian should not vote or participate in the political process, but salvation does not come by politics, nor do we believe in the idea of political revolution. Christian Reconstruction is the ultimate working out of our salvation beginning with our own lives, families, and churches and then into every sphere of life.

Therefore, the greater need is always creating and funding alternative Christian institutions such as was done with Christian schools and homeschooling. There was not a “take over” of the public school system. Instead, Christians funded alternative means of education via private schools and educating at home.

This is Christian independence, and it operates in direct opposition to socialism because it is funded essentially by the Christian tithe. One of the great examples of American socialism is public education, but the sacrifices of time and money made by faithful Christians to educate their children is Christian Reconstruction in action!

The objective now is to expand this into other areas of life—areas that are relatively easy to enter. For example, in an article by Mark Rushdoony that’s soon to be published in the March issue of our Arise & Build newsletter, he highlights another important area, apprenticeship:

Christian businesses could be more proactive in recruiting trainees from within the church and homeschool community. Certainly, there is a growing consensus that college has been oversold as a ticket to a vocation … When a degree is required, online college degrees, though in their infancy, do show promise. The most educated men I have met, and even those with academic degrees, have been largely self-taught, regardless of their academic paper trail.

In the article, Mark also mentions expansion in Christian business as well as the development of trades. The point being that we must become even more proactive in creating Christian independence just as we did with education. Secularism is hemorrhaging as it dies from a thousand cuts, but Christians are in the best position possible to develop into something greater.

The Time Is Growing Urgent

We don’t know the direction the political winds will blow in the coming years, but the changes we’ve seen in the culture and political landscape are alarming. It’s not simply gay marriage anymore. It’s countless genders. It’s not simply a Democrat in the White House. It’s a new generation salivating over socialism and even full-on communism. Not to mention the fact that the waters of our culture are seeping into the boats of too many local churches, and although they’re building big churches, their influence is only felt to the degree they compromise God’s law and the historic Christian faith.

Chalcedon’s mission is helping to create greater Christian independence because as Rushdoony wrote, “Socialism grows as Christian independence declines,” so we must do what we can educate and equip Christians for the work of reconstruction. This is why tithing is important, and it’s why we ask for your financial support of this ministry. The year 2020 marks our 55th anniversary in ministry, and we’ve been sustained solely by the sacrificial support of our donors.

Please prayerfully consider supporting Chalcedon as an Underwriter. They are the real champions because they commit to monthly giving which allows our leadership to craft an aggressive budget for our mission. Also, as you may have read recently, we are praying that funds will be available to finally bring our vice president, Martin Selbrede, on staff as a full-time scholar. That would be a “game changer” for this ministry and the cause of Christian Reconstruction.

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[1] R. J. Rushdoony, Tithing & Dominion (Vallecito, CA: Ross House Books, 1979), p. 4.

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