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Spreading the Message

Betsy DeVoss, U. S. Secretary of Education, was given a copy of Rushdoony's "Messianic Character of American Education" by a Chalcedon supporter.

  • From a Supporter,
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A prayer request from a Chalcedon supporter:

“I had the opportunity to hand some books to Betsy DeVoss, U.S. Secretary of Education yesterday at an informal get together arranged by Christian Home Educators of Colorado. The books were "Messianic Character of American Education" by R.J. Rushdoony and "Upgrade" and "What Does the Bible Say About That" by Kevin Swanson. I quickly explained that Rushdoony is regarded as the "Father of Home Education." I gave them to her in the Read Rushdoony canvas bag. So, it was interesting to see her aide carrying the bag as they were leaving. Let's pray that Secretary DeVoss will read the books. She is on a tour called "Rethink Education." She mentioned that she homeschooled two daughters for three years. Thanks for praying. (G. S.)