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Staying on Point

We can make a difference if we stay on point. Learning and applying the law of God, and discussing it with those of like mind is a great and fruitful step. Once you get better at it, you can infuse it in your discussions with others who need to hear that God’s law remains in effect regardless of a person’s belief. One either obeys and is blessed, or disobeys and is cursed.

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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From The Kingdom Driven Family Blog:

There is a temptation in the age of social media, ready internet access, and talk radio, to lose our focus when it comes to the Great Commission we have been given by the Lord. Depending on what is “trending” in cyberspace or the airwaves, we can get caught up in giving our opinion on the latest disaster, scandal, or incident of political unrest and assume we have done our part. In the end, our opinion does not matter; it is our allegiance to God’s law-word that will make the difference in solving the seemingly insurmountable problems of our day.

“What do you think about the latest shootings?”
“How are you going to vote with such abysmal choices?”
“What about the daily infringement on our rights by the government?”

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