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The Passion to Serve

If we look at the Word of God as our marching orders, we proceed through life with an understanding that our calling in the Lord is clearly laid out for us in God’s law.

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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I have often wondered why some believers seem so much more intent on serving the Kingdom of God than others. It would be easy to write this off to “special blessings” some receive that others don’t. If we give in to that perspective, we can sit back and attribute any lack of enthusiasm for Kingdom work to God’s failure to motivate us.

If  we look at the Word of God as our marching orders, we proceed through life with an understanding that our calling in the Lord is clearly laid out for us in God’s law. The Ten Commandments and their corollary case laws provide me with all I need to know to be a son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, husband, or wife. Circumstances and seasons of life will dictate the particulars, but the broad strokes are clearly laid out. Nothing rewards my efforts more than hearing from my students and mentees how the Bible has come alive for them as they pursue knowing and applying the Scriptures to their everyday lives. To encourage other women to arm themselves for the battles of life, I thought I would share some of the feedback I receive from those who have read my books, taken my classes, and engaged in mentoring relationships. They fuel my passion to serve.

  • I am currently reading your book, Empowered. I feel like we have been sitting in the same living room listening in on each other's conversations. On so many levels, I love our Reformed circles and churches. Yet, I feel like this issue has been so significant and damaging. In our efforts to counteract feminism, we have shut down 50 percent of our people. For women who are gifted in intellect, speaking, leadership, etc., we often not only lack a "place," but feel like we are misplaced. I find myself looking for ministry opportunities outside my church because there are limited opportunities inside. This is so wrong. My emotions have ranged from cooperation, to anger, and now to a peaceful desire to walk differently with grace and love and prayer, waiting until such "atypical" gifts are valued. But, I have wondered if I am just rebellious or alone. Your book is an affirmation that I am not crazy. Thank you so much. Once I'm done, I'm going to want to know what else you have for me!  
  • I'm taking a women’s group study course through Chalcedon. I am seeing the world more clearly with will a Biblical perspective than ever before. I did not realize how much the humanist views had clouded my understanding of God’s laws. Without His law there is no love. Thank you, Andrea, for your time and patience in the women's Biblical Law Study Group under the Chalcedon Teacher Training Institute.
  • During the past two years, I have learned more about the Bible and true Biblical living than during the previous years of my life as a Christian. I have accomplished this education through your Institutes of Biblical Law class, , virtually, with a group of other ladies each week. Our reading and weekly discussions have challenged me to examine my life—my beliefs and my actions—and to conform my life to the entirety of the Scriptures through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am grateful for the insight and godly wisdom that you impart and for the deeply needed prophetic work of the Chalcedon Foundation in calling the body of Christ to return to the truths of God's Word. Our faith as Christians must touch on all areas of life.

These are just a sampling. I share them not to applaud myself, because most of my thinking is derivative. I share this to exhort other women to truly become active students of God’s law so that they can fully discharge the high calling God has given to them. Before long, we’ll have a team of Kingdom-driven women serving Kingdom-driven families, who will become the mentors and teachers of countless others. This “club” has no limits on its membership. All with a passion to serve are welcome!

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