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Working Together

Andrea G. Schwartz
  • Andrea G. Schwartz,
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Since my conversion almost twenty-eight years ago, I have had the privilege of producing Christmas programs in a variety of churches. It is always a challenge to my creativity to bring out the message of Christ’s incarnation while utilizing the talents and gifts of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is not always easy to get people to volunteer their time and efforts. However, I have discovered over the years that the best people to recruit are those who are quite busy. They are usually quick to give a “yes” to a request that matches their skills and appeals to something within themselves. The challenge of being the producer is to mine these traits and recognize that at each person’s core is a desire to participate in community.

There is a drawback to interaction like this. Inevitably, I step on toes or make a decision or selection that upsets someone. As I have often told my children, “The only perfect people are the ones you don’t know very well.” I tell those who work with me on productions that if I have not offended them yet, just wait, because sooner or later the fact that I am not fully sanctified will become obvious.

Since upsets and disagreements are likely to occur, what is the remedy when feelings are hurt or someone feels slighted? The short answer is the law of God. The developed answer involves knowing the practical application of the Ten Commandments through the case laws that are contained in the Pentateuch. Additionally, the Book of Proverbs is an excellent commentary on these laws and offers insight into the consequences of disobedience. The Gospels and Epistles further expound the way brothers and sisters in the Lord are to relate to each other. Learning to ask for forgiveness and learning to give it paves the way for a strong community of believers.

I have rarely gotten to know someone well until I have worked with him or her on a meaningful project. This is where lasting relationships develop. As I tell longtime friends, “You know me and still love me. That’s the amazing part!”

All people are made in God’s image and likeness. All believers are additionally members of an eternal family. By making it a priority to work together to further God’s Kingdom we grow in our sanctification more than we could on our own.