Rousas John Rushdoony (April 25, 1916 – February 8, 2001)

Rushdoony was an American Calvinist philosopher, historian, theologian, teacher, preacher, advocate, father, and husband. He also like to point out he was an Armenian. He is credited as being the father of Christian Reconstruction and an inspiration for the modern Christian homeschool movement.

This multi-faceted man has been called the Father of the modern Christian and home school movements because of his emphasis on the importance of a distinctively Christian philosophy of education.

Rushdoony gave priority to the Biblical family and its vital role in the formation of the godly society. Rush was just as likely to appear in court to defend the Constitutional rights of parents and churches as he was to answer his own phone and engage with callers, answering their questions and providing counsel.

Why He Started Chalcedon

Rush founded the Chalcedon Foundation in 1965 because he felt that there needed to be a Christian ministry dedicated to promoting the idea that the Christian faith is a faith for all of life, and that individuals, families, churches, communities, and civil governments must take their marching orders from God's law-word. As a result of his extensive writings and lectures, an entire generation of believers has been equipped to put their faith into action.

His Life

We've been asked many times who R.J. Rushdoony was as a person and the experiences and motivations for his life work.

Rushdoony was the son of immigrants who were well familiar with the realities of genocide and statist oppression. His mother and father escaped the Armenian genocide in 1915 and arrived in the US in time to give birth to him in April of 1916.

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