A Biblical Approach to Addiction
September/October 2014

The Importance of Christian Reconstruction

By Mark R. Rushdoony

My father coined the term Christian Reconstruction in 1965, the year Chalcedon began, in order to describe the work he saw ahead of the modern church. It is a term that our critics in and out of the church have branded to our disadvantage. Our opponents claim it’s a “political agenda,” that it is a legalistic attempt at imposing a moral order on society, or that we are the “American Taliban.” We have been branded as extremists.

The Addiction Crisis Worsens After Massachusetts Pulls Plug on Dr. Kishore’s Sobriety-Based Solution (4)

By Martin G. Selbrede

This is the fourth in a series of articles about Dr. Punyamurtula S. Kishore, the Christian physician who innovated the Massachusetts Model of addiction treatment.

Redeemed Rebels: A Biblical Approach to Addiction, Part 1

By Jeff Durbin

If you are familiar at all with one of the most popular approaches to drug and alcohol addiction (Alcoholics Anonymous and its variants), you…

Ideology, Presuppositions, and Evangelism

By Bojidar Marinov

Throughout my career as a missionary I have often been criticized by other missionaries and well-meaning Christians, in general, for cooperating and identifying with groups and movements that are not openly Christian, or not openly Protestant. Such criticism was mainly directed at my association with the…

By Andrea G. Schwartz

Men conquer the world for Christ; women work to preserve that which is conquered. But we see a dearth of training for women really to do this. That is why my emphasis remains on helping women…

By Lee Duigon

Author Robert Treskillard has tried to bring this turbulent era back to life, with Merlin as the central character. He joins a great host of novelists, poets, playwrights, movie-makers,…

By Lee Duigon

If Robert Treskillard were just some poor, untalented fellow stumbling through a mass of self-published twaddle, I would ignore him. But he’s a talented writer with the resources of a major…