As A Result...
January 2020

“As A Result…”

By Martin G. Selbrede

What we should notice first and foremost when we encounter the phrase “as a result” in Rushdoony’s books is that the phrase tells us that whatever follows those words didn’t just arise in a vacuum. There is an inexorable cause-and-effect connection with what came before.

Actions vs. Academics

By Mark R. Rushdoony

Faith must result in faithfulness, yet the sum of much modern Christianity is talk about the faith or its “spiritual” meaning rather than its application.

How Dare You?

By Andrea G. Schwartz

I have noticed of late that our culture seems to be working overtime, daring Christians to put up or shut up. Whether it is mandating medical procedures and practices antithetical to the Christian faith, or limiting the free expression in the public square of those who proclaim the rule and reign of Jesus Christ, the message seems to be, “Show me what you’ve got!”