Banking on the Future
August 2002

Justification by Faith

By R. J. Rushdoony

Justification is a legal act; justification by faith is a matter of life. It would appear that the line between theology and life is a blurred one.

Respect for the Dead

By Mark R. Rushdoony

Earlier this summer my wife and I traveled to Indiana for the funeral of her maternal grandmother, Leah Settlemyre, the gracious and energetic matriarch of her family who died at age 89. I was particularly struck by something I had never seen before.

Facing Sin in Education

By Ron Kirk

To neglect inherent sin in our own children is to fly in the face of Christ's sacrifice for those dearest to us, with perhaps dire consequences. On the other hand, the careful training and correction that constitute education will help prepare the child to walk with Christ for a life of service and positive influence for the Kingdom of God.

FOCus on Dominion: Interview with Walt Williams

By Friends of Chalcedon

Friends of Chalcedon recently interviewed Walt Williams, named PAC-10 Men's Golf Coach of the year for 2002. Walt lives in Pullman, Washington with his wife, Carol, and their nine children (the last of whom had yet to be born as of this writing.)

By Brian Godawa

Is it Biblically acceptable for Christians to watch movies? Should Christians watch R-rated movies? Are we sinning, or opening ourselves to sin, if we expose ourselves to dramatic visual images of sex and violence?

By Tom Rose

Next year the Federal Reserve Bank will be 90 years old. The large majority of Americans regard the Federal Reserve with high esteem because they believe it has served their economic interests well by controlling harmful boom/bust cycles and protecting the integrity of the U.S. dollar and the value of people's savings.

By Joe Johnson

The big question in the business world these days concerns whether or not we are in a recession. If we are in a recession, the next biggest questions are when and how do we pull out. If we can answer these questions correctly in today's economy, we can make a fortune.

By David L. Bahnsen

Most adults who were alive during the 1980s and 1990s saw a period of economic expansion and financial prosperity that may possibly be the largest of its kind in human history.

By Timothy D. Terrell

There is not much that can create as much animosity among otherwise agreeable family members as the subject of family wealth, particularly inheritance.

By Gerald W. Tritle

As a business owner or manager, would you like your employees to embrace the same diligence, corporate loyalty, broad-based abilities, experience, customer-orientation, and character as you do?

By Val Finnell, M. D.

Every once in a while, one comes across a book that cannot be put down, or rather should not be put down. Patrick J. Buchanan's latest work, The Death of the West, is one of those books. It's a volume that should be read by every Christian cultural warrior.