Christian Action: Making a Difference in Your World
September/October 2006

Christian Obedience

By R. J. Rushdoony

We have already seen, in discussing Christian liberty, the centrality of the doctrine of authority and obedience to liberty. It is important now to analyze more fully the significance of obedience.

Macedonian Outreach: The Mission That Resulted When Two Retirees Put Their Faith Into Action

By Mark R. Rushdoony

When my aunt and uncle retired, they knelt and promised God they would make themselves available if He wanted to use them. The result, a decade and a half later, is a ministry that has touched the lives of many people and has deepened their own lives and faith.

Recovering from the Political Hangover of the Religious Right

By Christopher J. Ortiz

After nearly thirty years of the Religious Right, the secularist sees political activism as the sole meaning of “Christian action.” This political organization, now labeled as “dominionism,” is somewhat at fault for misconstruing Christian responsibility both within and without the Christian community. This has also provided the secular left with a useful “boogeyman” as myriads of Internet-based fear technicians prop up a “Christian Goliath” at which to sling stones.

Stalwarts of Freedom: An Inside Look at The John Birch Society

By Chad Bull

For forty-eight years a single organization has led the way in preserving America’s national sovereignty while helping to fortify the moral blockade on our failing culture.

By Arnold Jagt

“Let’s go see Rushdoony in Vallecito this Sunday; what do you think?”

By Arnold Jagt

There is such dissonance between God’s law-word (His revealed character) and the state of our own lives, our family life, our churches and communities, and our nation, that the resulting tension breaks the status quo and energizes one to reform these entities.

By Lee Duigon

In keeping with its stated mission “to press forth the claims of Christ’s ... Lordship ... over every sphere and aspect of society,” the Reformed Bible Church has harnessed twenty-first century technology to the service of Christ’s Kingdom.

By Lee Duigon

In its quest to apply the law of God and the teachings of Christ to every sphere of life, including politics, the Reformed Bible Church has been active in local politics. One of its more visible members, Paul Coviello, now serves as chairman of his county Republican organization. In his application of Biblical principles, there’s little to generate hysteria and much to generate hope.

By Christopher J. Ortiz

In broaching the subject of Israel, the Jewish people, and the Middle East, we must always begin with the Scriptures and allow them to define our terms and provide the framework for contemporary review.

By Lee Duigon

Centered around a little church in Appomattox, a band of ex–New Yorkers is trying to apply, in the real world, the principles of the Bible and Christian Reconstruction. They’re not an army, and they’re hardly in the spotlight. They haven’t set up a utopian community, but blended into the community that’s there. Unlike the Amish or the Hasidic Jews, you wouldn’t be able to identify them on the street.