Christianity Persecuted, Christianity Victorious
June 1998

On Spontaneity

By R. J. Rushdoony

One of the highly prized characteristics of the modern era, especially since the rise of Romanticism, has been spontaneity.

Present Persecution, Christian Obligation, and Future Triumph

By P. Andrew Sandlin

Few individuals are more hypocritical than modern secular historians and other secular humanists. They delight to parade in print and media the bloody reputation of the Christianity of the Middle Ages, implying or arguing that Christianity today is an intolerant, persecuting Faith that must be barred from modern public life at all costs.

On Choosing Elders

By Mark R. Rushdoony

But if the position of elder was so important that it must be protected from miserliness and slander, so too must it be protected from unqualified applicants.

Faithful Martyr or Evangelical Weenie? A Practical Guide to Handling Persecution, Suffering and Adversity

By Brian M. Abshire

Adversity is a tool in God's hand to train us for dominion in a sin-cursed world. And while it is a great blessing to live in a land where the blessings of the covenant are evident, with that great blessing also comes a greater responsibility.

By Ellsworth McIntyre

Ask any normal adult, "Who was your favorite teacher and describe why that teacher was your favorite." You will hear a description of a teacher whose lessons brought some life-changing insight into the life of their student.

By William O. Einwechter

Editor's Introduction: Forty years ago postmillennialism was barely a wave on the sea of conservative Christianity; apart from Boettner, Kik and, of course, Rushdoony, the waters of the Christian West were serenely premillennial and amillennial.

By Tom White

It began with a prayer. The old Romanian carpenter who prayed could not have known all that would come as a result of that prayer. Yet he prayed day after day that before he died he would win one Jew for Christ. There were no Jews in his village; he was old and sick — too sick to travel in search of a Jew to whom he could testify. So he prayed.

By Tom White

In its 1998 Special Issue, The Voice of the Martyrs listed 42 countries where Christians are facing persecution in its various forms: arrest, imprisonment, physical torture and death. The following is a summary of what is happening to the church in the world. It is compiled from reports published in various issues of The Voice of the Martyrs magazine.

By Peter Hammond

Africa presents the greatest challenges and opportunities for missionary service in the world today. The most intensive human suffering, the largest number of wars, the worst famines and the most severe persecutions are all concentrated in Africa.

By Abby Oberst

This is an update on the activities of Shiloh Christian Church submitted here to encourage Chalcedon friends and its international readership.

By Steve M. Schlissel

One of the things which most impressed me when I first read the Bible as an unbeliever was that so much of it seemed familiar to me.

By R. J. Rushdoony

The Stoics believed in the natural life; the natural was for them equivalent to the good. For them, the end of life was life in agreement with nature. Nature, instead of being fallen, was for them normative.

By Steve M. Schlissel

Religious persecution must be distinguished from moral prosecution. It is important to make this distinction in an age like ours which greases squeaky wheels by conferring on them the coveted status of "victim."