Defenders of the Faith
May/June 2014

Defenders of the Faith

By Mark R. Rushdoony

In its rejection of the Roman Catholic Church, modern Protestantism has sometimes erred by steering to the opposite extreme of an anarchistic repudiation of all the church accomplished before the Reformation. Sometimes also we hear a call for a return to the supposed purity of the early church, though history reveals an early church that was in a constant struggle with heretical and blatantly pagan ideas.

Massachusetts Derails Revolution In Addiction Medicine While Drug Abuse Soars (2)

By Martin G. Selbrede

In the previous (first) article, we examined the revolution in addiction medicine set in motion by Dr. Punyamurtula Kishore and how the state of Massachusetts wielded its prosecuting power against him and his clinics, which have consequently been shut down.

Does Success Have to Start with Being a College Dropout?

By Aaron Slack

Lessons taught by the real world, as opposed to self-help books, are painful. Generally, our youth have been told that the way to achieve their goals and achieve success is to go to college. Each year millions of Americans realize that no matter how much they believe their college dreams will come true, reality…

The Failure of Men

By R. J. Rushdoony

The roots of every cultural crisis rest in personal crises. The failure of a culture is the failure of the men in it. A society cannot be vital and possessed of an on-going vigor if the men therein are marked by a loss of faith, a retreat from responsibility, and an unwillingness to cope with personal problems. A…

By Andrea G. Schwartz

High and low-profile cases teem with accounts of women and men being sexually victimized by those in authority over them—by a relative, clergyman, politician, employer, teacher, or…

By Lee Duigon

Fairies … I must admit I hadn’t given them any thought, even though I’m Chalcedon’s in-house fantasy novelist. But fairies have been abundant in fantasy literature for hundreds of years, and in folklore for thousands. Maybe I should consider them.