Education and the Control of the Future
September 2002

Family and Government

By R. J. Rushdoony

Over the years, I have again and again stressed, in writings and lectures, the centrality of the family in God's plan. I have been bitterly criticized for this from more than one source. The fact remains that all the basic governmental powers in society, save one, the death penalty, have been given to the family, not to the state nor to the church.

Understanding Our Spiritual Battles

By Mark R. Rushdoony

In a well-known passage (Eph. 6:10-20), Paul urges the congregation in Ephesus to "be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might" before instructing them to put on "the whole armor of God."

What's Right about Christian Education Today

By Ron Kirk

For Christian education in America, the "Battle is the Lord's," and the victory and glory belong to Him. In this knowledge, Rev. Rushdoony, the founder of Chalcedon, gave a great portion of his energies toward the support of Christian education.

The Victims of Dick and Jane

By Samuel L. Blumenfeld

Who are the victims of Dick and Jane? They are the millions of American adults who, as children, were taught to read by that insipid whole-word, or sight-reading, method which, since 1930, has caused widespread reading disability and dyslexia.

By John Stoos

"In the state of California, if I had a child there, I wouldn't put the youngster in a public school... I think it's time to get our kids out." Dr. James Dobson on Focus on the Family Radio, March 2002

By Gary DeMar

The college campus is a dangerous place. Statistics show that many unprepared Christian students get eaten alive by professors who attack the Biblical worldview root and branch.

By Greg Uttinger

It is strange that more Christian educators have not tried to work out an educational theology from the Book of Proverbs. The book professes to be instruction for the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, and yet few books on Christian education make any use of its material and themes, except perhaps in the area of character training.

By Sandra A. Lovelace

The world of education is large and diverse. It includes a variety of formats, styles, and purposes. One might say it's a reflection of the world in which we live with its various nationalities, languages, and cultures. A rarely-considered corner of this world is the education of English-speaking children living overseas with their missionary families. Often overlooked, it is important to note that concerns over the education of their children is the main reason most missionary families return from their field of service.

By William Blankschaen

The young man yawned as he leaned against the pole supporting the awning that shaded his sun-bleached hair from the torrid sun. As if slowly strumming a guitar, he absentmindedly brushed his well-traveled leather jacket and once again lifted the rag to polish the drab bronze urn on the crate before him.

By Dan Smithwick

Public schools (or as some like to say, govern-ment schools) have come upon hard times in the past several years. One would be hard-pressed to find a community where the public school system is not having serious problems.