Faith For All Life
September 2003

The Heresy of the Faithful

By R. J. Rushdoony

Great and almighty is our sovereign and triune God, and we cannot limit His power without sinning, nor can we ascribe the helplessness of the church to the greater power of sin and Satan. Rather, we must ascribe it to the heresy and laziness of believers, who limit God in their unbelief.

Christ Calls Us to Reign

By Mark R. Rushdoony

Satan tempted Adam and Eve not to eat a delectable piece of fruit, but to consciously disobey God, to "be as gods, knowing (i.e., determining for themselves) good and evil" (Gen. 3:5).

The Faith of the Blues Man

By Curt Lovelace

The music industry can be a rough and tumble environment. It's no place for the timid. Competition is strenuous, music can be stolen, contracts are voided for no apparent reason.

The Successful Dominion Man Is a Successful Family Man

By Eugene Clingman

A husband's care for his wife and children is essential to Christ's purposes on earth. Without the godly family, the Kingdom of God does not begin to advance.

By Andrea G. Schwartz

How should you identify yourself if you are a woman? If you are going to approach the subject Biblically, you are either someone's daughter or someone's wife. Thus, as a formal address, you are either a Miss or a Missus. A female begins life with her father's name and assumes the name of…

By Ron Kirk

Longtime readers and friends of the Chalcedon Report know that over the years these pages have roundly censured the contemporary American view of the Christian faith, which commonly accepts eternal reward, but little temporal responsibility.

By Roger Schultz

A friend once described how she discovered her grandfather's will. The pastor of her former church (in a liberal, mainline denomination) had spoken dismissively of the will and the conservative restrictions her grandfather had placed on an endowment for the church. His comments led to her…

By Samuel L. Blumenfeld

The deliberate effort of the public schools to destroy religious faith in their students must be considered the most destructive aspect of our culture. A culture without faith can only lead to madness. But there is a growing underground of godly sentiment that has risen in America since the…

By Diana Johnson

A quick glance at my straightforward (and completely uncreative) title makes the content of this article clear. If you are choosing to read this article, I can safely assume one thing; you have an interest in homeschooling. It may be that you are a homeschooler whose oldest student will…

By William Blankschaen

So many teachers strive to seem perfect when seeking to educate like Christ when, in fact, what the student most needs to see is the difference between Christ and the fallen-though-sanctified teacher. For example, Paul often contrasted himself to Christ, acknowledging that there was a…

By Tom Rose

Hardly a week goes by without my receiving an inquiry from younger friends about how to cope with various problems in our society. Most of the inquiries have to do with money: How do we get out of debt? How can we save for future needs and for retirement? We can't afford health insurance!…

By Timothy D. Terrell

The Christian who takes the concepts of stewardship and dominion seriously is becoming a rarity in American business. This is having a devastating effect on society, as business culture becomes anti-Christian. In large part, this is due to an imbalance in the way Christians have thought about work.

By Ian Hodge

Business, it seems, is doomed to failure. Despite the huge increases in self-help management books and seminars on business, a huge percentage of new businesses fail. Eighty percent are expected to die within five years, and of those remaining over half will have expired within another five…

By Christopher Petrovich

Dave Hunt is up to his old tricks again. A popular Christian writer and apologist, Hunt has written numerous works on the Roman Catholic Church, cults, end-times, and other popular topics.