God's Law and Taxation
July/August 2012

Vouchers, Freedom and Slavery

By R. J. Rushdoony

In the United States, a remarkable and vigorous Christianity developed early and has had a worldwide impact, in missions, education on every continent, and its development of many charitable and reform agencies. Since World War II, a phenomenal growth of Christian and homeschools has taken place which now commands thirty-three percent of all primary and secondary school children and is growing steadily each year.

The Head Tax: The Only God-Endorsed Civil Tax

By Robert Fugate

One important area of life to which Bible-believing Christians have been extremely slow to apply the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture is taxation. A miniscule number of pastors or theologians teach their congregations or students what the Bible says regarding taxation. Yet taxes affect all of us every day of our lives. We desperately need God's infallible revelation in the area of taxation.

False Flags

By Martin G. Selbrede

Up until now, books critical of the work of Chalcedon and other ministries of like mind have been mounted where they should be mounted: upon the exegesis of Scripture. Such undertakings naturally invite responses at the same level: the text of Scripture. The most prominent critique was a 400+ page volume written by sixteen seminary professors which prompted a detailed reply the following year. Despite the ebb and flow, the passionate exchange of ideas (of admittedly variable quality and accuracy found in books of this genre) has been marked, however imperfectly or inconsistently, by explicit appeals to God’s Word. With the publication this year of Paul McGlasson’s new book, NO! A Theological Response to Christian Reconstructionism, this appears to no longer be true.

Creedal Culture and Education

Augustine said these words when commenting on John 7:17, interpreting the words, “if anyone is willing to do His will” as meaning, “if anyone believes.” And Augustine said that belief is the prerequisite to “know of the teaching, whether it is of God or whether I speak from Myself.” Faith is the tool to understanding teaching.

By Andrea G. Schwartz

I cannot think of a better goal for any homeschooling mother than to be able to attest that she prepared her children to be ready always with answers to both mundane and abstract questions of life. If a child cannot give a ready answer, the mother must teach him how to discover the answer.