God's Law: The Only Hope for Animals
May/June 2011

The Power of His Resurrection

By R. J. Rushdoony

In Romans 8:19, Paul says it is the eager and intense expectation of all creation that the sons of God be revealed. All creation has a yearning more powerful than gravity for the unfolding of God's purpose and, in particular, "the manifestation of the sons of God." This is an important fact when understood.

The Day of the Lord and the Certainty of Justice

By Mark R. Rushdoony

There can be no justice without judgment on both injustice and the unjust. Judgment on sin is the consequence of violating God's moral order.

God’s Law: The Only Hope for Animals

By Martin G. Selbrede

Christians need to exercise stewardship and leadership in these areas, bringing Deuteronomy into the very animal shelter systems that we've corporately delegated the welfare of stray, abandoned, and orphaned animals to. The time to dwell approvingly on Oliver Cromwell's achievements is over: it's time to bring that same spirit to vigorous life and go much further than the Puritans did during their short tenure.

New Developments in Climate-Change Battles Illustrate the Difference Between Science and “Post-Normal Science”

By Calvin Beisner, Ph.D.

In both the humanities and the sciences, the Western world is in full flight from its Biblical worldview foundations, jettisoning the rationality necessary for scientific endeavor.

By Michael McVicar

Within the context of the early twentieth-century conservative/liberal theological controversies, Van Til's ideas made him one of the most revolutionary thinkers in the fundamentalist camp. His presuppositional method challenged fundamentalists to be more Biblical in their orientation and to draw sharper distinctions between themselves and theological modernists. Van Til's was not a stance of moderation or compromise.

By Jo Loomis

Shouldn't parents take as much care in planning for the birth as they do for the child's future education?

By Andrea G. Schwartz

Far from being a neutral area of life, the issues of labor and delivery, and the customary practices routinely followed, will either reflect the wisdom of God's created order or they will reflect a humanistic makeover of that order.